Cross Ange #18 — Just Checking In

February 7th, 2015


Okay, bye.

Rolling Girls’s broadcast was delayed by a bit and it already airs pretty late to start with, so it might be a while. Then again, I doubt the ‘simulcast’ will be similarly pushed back, so that very well may be first by a long shot.


I’m getting tired of saying “another mostly uneventful episode,” so instead, let’s say “A nonstop thrill ride of navel gazing and crotch exploring.” Mostly the former. Ange fills everyone in on the real deal and then we check in with all the characters we haven’t seen for a few episodes, no matter how trivial they have been or how little they’re going to do this week. Seriously, all Hilda did this entire episode was sneak into the shower, stick her hand in Ange’s dragonhole, and then sniff her. Then she left as quickly as she came. Pun intended. Other ‘high’ notes were pigtail mechanic girl, and drunk secretary, both obviously key parts of the story. A first half well spent.

After this, we move on to about five minutes of briefing followed by attempted blackmail, but luckily, Metal Gear Tusk had the foresight to gas the hell out of the entire submarine. Now, I’m no naval expert, but I’m pretty sure that filling a submarine with poison gas would be Not a Good Thing™, and I’m also pretty sure that stabbing yourself in the leg doesn’t make you immune to sedatives. Then again, the maid seemed fine with her countermeasure of being tied up and it apparently instantly froze all the food solid. Yada yada, and they leave again to go likely do the same thing with the rest of the cast, having really gotten nothing done here. Good use of an episode.

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It’s panties!

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Uh, wasn’t this series supposed to be about fighting evil trans-dimensional dragons or something like that?

    • Aroduc says:


      It’s an acronym, remember?

      • Dave Baranyi says:

        So the series is really about fighting the use of acronyms? No wonder it confused me…

        “Acronym Fighter Ange”… I like the new title better already.