Yatterman Night #03 — Not the Dog!

January 25th, 2015


Her parents… and her dog!?


I think the point where you’re arbitrarily tacking dead pets onto a sob story about dead parents is where you’ve crossed the line from weak attempt at a sob story to satire. And yet, I find it extraordinarily difficult to think that was a joke. It was so sad that it made the pig cry after all. I really don’t see what those two are going to add to affairs either. They already have two characters that are doing nothing but freeballing in front of everyone. What are a moist towel and a delusional blind girl going to add? Lord knows it’s not humor.

Anyway, the whole episode was sort of weirdly disjointed. There was the Two-Face childhood friend who rolled a die for important decisions (I think maybe twice?) who spontaneously decided to simply stop doing that. When the team left, they were all shocked by how heartless Shrimpy seemed to be acting, but then the next time they cut back (after hearing Two-Face’s scream from miles away somehow), she’s 100% gung-ho for going back and taking the blind crazy girl with them. And I guess facing the reality that your parents (and dog!) are dead really isn’t that important after all. Let’s nurse those unhealthy delusions instead of moving on with your life. Your life of killer robots roaming the post-apocalyptic countryside. Okay, bad example. 

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