Yatterman Night #01 –Birthday Yams

January 11th, 2015


All that middle-aged man middrift…

As the only half-sanely official translated title this season, we’ll go with it out of respect.


I’m always a bit disappointed when the promo blurb ends up being the entire summary of the first episode and that’s very much the case here. They really didn’t need to spend as much time establishing “World’s most perfect daughter that is mom’s virtual clone loves the world’s most perfect mother.” That’s a thing that it’s probably safe to assume. I would say that even just wanting to go somewhere and having people unjustly try to kill you would be reason enough to Fight the (Yatter)Man without all the added angst of dead mothers.

I think what concerns me the most is that I still don’t have a good grip as to what this show’s actually going to be. I really hope it’s not going to be ringing the dead mom bell the entire run, but that’s pretty much all this episode did. Almost the entire episode was saccharinely sentimental, so there wasn’t really that much room for the kind of fluidy action that Tatsunoko loves (and I merely tolerate). They were showing it off in the ED though, so maybe it’s going to be an action show? I’d watch what was in the ED in a heartbeat. Or perhaps that’s a complete lie as OPs/EDs frequently are. Maybe a quasi-comedy adventure like World Conquest was except with more motivated leads and an actual antagonist through the run? Again, not sure, and after twenty minutes to establish itself, I’m leery that it hasn’t.

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