Tokyo Paperwork #15 — Walls

January 22nd, 2015


By the book. The goddamned Shounen Jump book.


I hope you liked the first 30 seconds or so of attacking a wall and then some cars, because after that, it’s another exciting episode of shuffling paperwork!  And handing out equipment to attack some more goddamned walls. And walking around, looking forlorn while staring at walls. Yeah, I get it. I was pretty heartbroken by all the walls. It moved me in the same way that everything else characters in this show (don’t) do. Seriously, guys? You really have completely given up, haven’t you?

Oh wait, but there’s the shocking reveal that the previously declared unique main character thing isn’t quite so unique after all and there are other one-eyed half-ghouls out there. This is a shocking development only seen in every goddamned Shounen Jump ‘action’ show ever made. Struggled with being a halfbreed against random guys who then become your personal job squad for all future fights? Check. Fought against the established society of whatever your super dude powers are, probably by overcoming the evil within? Check. Move right on to people just like you, but have unlocked their true potential. I think what comes next is either the Buu saga, driving lessons with Piccolo, or two years of filler.

I’m about this close to just punting on Mondays through Thursdays entirely this season. Maybe I’ll just pick a couple random extra-corny looking games and play through them like they’re shows. At least that way, I can only blame my own use of the Ctrl key if nothing happens that week. Let’s see how mecha faffing goes.

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One Lonely Comment

  • algorithm says:

    The walls are titans. Or ghouls.