Tokyo Paperwork #14 — Please Submit Form 34C-14L-B and then…

January 15th, 2015


Press 2 if you’d like to see Calculon double check the tax reports!


After giving a quick glance over Fafnir and SaeKano and turning my nose up at them, this episode was so unbelievably godawful that it made me wonder if perhaps both of them don’t deserve a third look. It was nearly twenty straight minutes of bureaucracy. The only thing of note in the entire goddamned episode was the question of how they found so many utterly boring people with such emmaculate yet bizarre haircuts. I think maybe worst of all was how prominent they all were in the ED sequence, signaling that there will be even more of them to come. Good god, Pierrot. Is the budget gone already? Are the DVD sales already in the books? Are you just finished with this until it’s time for the ‘exciting’ finale?

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