Tokyo Paperghoul #16 — And Now They Have An Army

January 29th, 2015


And how convenient it is that everyone is in the office today and all within a few hundred feet.


I think it’s time to put this show myself out of my misery. That’s not to say that this episode wasn’t much better than the last two. It was. It only spent about 10 minutes shuffling paperwork instead of 22. The problem is that even when the army of ghouls started attacking, I was still bored. Merely the existence of an army of the goddamned things is a critical writing problem already. Why do we need a half dozen two to three minute vignettes of every character flailing at each other for no reason and nothing to gain before they simply wander away again, Tokyo Ghoul? Uh, because my main character’s incredibly boring, I can’t think of a plot, and mashing action figures together is all I have left. Thank you for being honest, Tokyo Ghoul.

It’s the weight of everything I mentioned in my summation of the previous season (and oddly, mostly shared with Fafner, the other Thursday finalist I’m likewise tired of); the arduously plodding and nonsensical story, the throwaway characters who act without an iota of sense, the vacuous platitudes that it spouts over and over again that it has no interest in actually exploring, its schizophrenic lurching between maudlin angst and meaningless punchies among utterly random grunts with nothing at stake (and then using that to fuel more angst), not to mention the writers’ whim deciding what constitutes bodily harm obtrusively looming over every fight undermining what effort they do put into the action resulting in fights where guys stand opposite each other, yammer at and/or smack each other a few times to no meaningful effect, and then whoever lost the coin flip falls over like it’s a damned RPG. I’ve long since run out of anything to say and I have no faith whatsoever that it will change for the better, particularly not as Dishtowel gives in to the darkness. For what, the fifth time? But this time for real. Until the next time someone hits him at least.

Now I need a second thing to fill the godawful weekday hole of this season. The thought of just picking some corny game and covering that like a show is sounding better and better. And for the record, I remain happy pretending like Aquaman didn’t get his own Justice League thing. DC badly needs to stop trying to make him cool. It will never work. They’re just overcompensating these days and it’s getting pathetically desperate.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    If you keep on throwing away all of the really bad anime this season what will we, your readers, have to laugh at during the week? (I’m not a gamer so your game reviews don’t strike a cord with me.)

    Oh well, save your sanity for the next anime season, maybe it will be a lot better… (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

    • Aroduc says:

      The comedic stylings of French Stewart.

    • Aroduc says:

      If you’ve got any ideas, I’m listening. I blame Japan for this woeful state of weekday affairs. Maybe there’ll be an outage and Yatterman will be shifted to Wednesday. That way, I’ll have something I feel like writing about AND nobody will continue to care.

      • Dave Baranyi says:

        I’m at a loss for ideas for this season too. (I suspect that Yatterman will eventually tank, despite the low episode count, but I am hoping that I am wrong.)

        The only other reasonably funny and imaginative new “shows” are a couple of 4-minute gag series, “Doamaiger” and “Sushi Ninja”.

        Oh well, I’m re-watching Urusei Yatsura on the Japanese Blue-ray re-releases while the snow is falling and the Winter 2015 anime season is failing…

  • Sanjuro says:

    It seemed cheaper than normal this week too. The fighting is really boring because the ghouls are now just people with sharp tails that stab people with bad animation.

    I like Fafner though. I just finished the first series and this new one seems good to me.

  • algorithm says:

    But if you drop it we’ll never know how it ends.

    • Aroduc says:

      He turns into a super extra hybrid ghoul, fights a superer hybrid ghoul, possibly giant, sacrificing himself in the battle but winning thanks to A.) the power of his friends and B.) believing in himself, but is secretly alive and ‘hiding’ in plain sight fifteen feet away from his adoring fans who have all gone back to their exact same lives as before.