|Duo| #04 — Earth’s Lungs

January 25th, 2015


Oh boy! Date montages!


Tedious episode, and let me tell you, show, while you may be the top of the magical girlfriend garbage heap this season, that doesn’t mean you can afford to squander my goodwill on episodes that are entirely blatant padding. I mean, Christ, there was a bloody fashion montage followed by a date montage. If I actually had the slightest belief that their relationship would actually go anywhere, but of course it won’t. The least they could do would be to have him simply accept her attempts to make him fondle her, bathe with him, and sleep with him without resorting to screaming and another few minutes of padded out apologies. For all the crap Japan pulls about misunderstandings about relationships, Yamada’s non-sexual adventures is about the only one that has actually realized that you can make a comedy out of them. But what, she got drunk on a single bite of rum raisin! That is so Raven!

Anyway, an episode to ‘introduce’ a new character, who showed up for about five minutes, all of which were spent talking about how interesting and special Thor is, but our hero’s going to refuse her anyway! And to reassure everyone that the status quo in regards to sadist bunny teachers hasn’t changed. The only interesting thing that blondie did was to randomly open fire on people in a mall, which you’d think would be frowned upon, or at the very least, cause some kind of panic. The rest was spent on the daaaaaaaate. They didn’t even visit Earth’s Lungs. I don’t even know what that store sells, and honestly, I’m afraid to ask. 


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