DRRRRRRRRRR #26 — Watch TV in TV on TV!

January 10th, 2015


Make your own inception joke.

I’ve got a puppy walk and pancake breakfast to hit up before getting to the rest of this morning’s stuff, so Aldnoah (and the rest) in probably in a little over an hourish.


As I mentioned previously, I only made it an episode or two into the first series and I came out of it bored by the focus on teenagers rambling aimlessly. With the large gap between seasons, I thought there might be a chance that things had changed for the better, perhaps in an effort to welcome and attract new people to be fans, even despite hearing that the end of the previous series tanked.

Short answer, no, not really. There were a couple rather lacking chase scenes that were more zipping through CGI streets than anything else, but besides that, the shows within shows, which we got to see characters watch, were about the height of “things going on.” I guess it was somewhat ‘wacky’ at times, but that was more volume than joke. At least it has something of an animation budget to actually carry the noise, at least moreso than certain other panning stilling LN adaptations this season. It wasn’t “There’s going to be exciting stuff going on with the characters you know!”, but “Remember how all these characters exist?” Well, since you ask, show, no, I don’t. I don’t have the nostalgia you seem to weakly be going for, so I guess I’m just not part of your crowd. Oh well. 

Next Episode:

And now they go to school!

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • gedata says:

    Not sure why you’d even bother with this since no doubt you’d find yourself lost at some point without recollection of the 1st season.

    • Aroduc says:

      Because good shows are welcoming to new audiences and try to increase their fanbase, not insulate themselves from everybody but pre-existing fans. Especially with five years since their previous iteration.

      You don’t need to be a reboot to get a brand new start with established characters and settings.

      • ZakuAbumi says:

        For some reason, whenever I see anime attempt at this, we get flashbacks, exposition through thought-narration, exposition through clunky dialogues, information scribbled all over the screen, recaps and whatever the fuck the first episode of Code Geass R2 was. I thought execution was the key word and not trying to pander to the lowest common denominator.

        Not to mention you call this one out for going through all the characters first, which is kind of reintroducing them, something you claimed was good. Perhaps I got that wrong somehow, haven’t watched the episode yet.

        ‘Sides, out of all the good stuff I’ve watched, barely any did what you refered to as a requirement. Not to mention there’s The Wire, something completely and utterly excellent yet it couldn’t give less of a shit about its audience.

        • Aroduc says:

          There’s nothing wrong with brief flashbacks or piece of SUCCINCT exposition to some random thing from long ago that will be coming up again and being important. “This is the guy who handled X for me,” is often more than enough. Some character or plot point that fulfilled its purpose ages ago, but will be coming back again. Existing fans may get slightly more, but people who don’t know them or maybe simply don’t remember them don’t need the full life story, only what is salient to the plot at hand.

          Which leads to the problem here. There was no plot at hand. It wasn’t wasn’t doing anything with the characters. They were simply existing. That’s it. That alone is apparently supposed to be enough to make the audience clap their hands in delight.

  • jingoi says:

    The main reason I was able to finish the 1st season was thanks to dubIzaya/Shizuo/Kyouhei/Simon so still going to wait for that.

  • gedata says:

    Not really, Baccano! managed to tell a complete and coherent story in just 13. Durarara didn’t even come close to that. As much as I’d like to see Baccano! go on, Durarara needed a continuation way more

  • The Phantom says:

    The main problem with this show is not the ridiculous large cast, that makes things worse yes but actually the real problem is that is BORING, nothing is fucking happening and the whole show seems to be on slow-motion changing between character A to character C and never concludes anything.

    How the fuck a freaking headless rider is so fucking insecure? She has no fucking head and turn her bike into a freaking shadow horse that can climb building, how badass that it is and how BORING she is, the teen drama is also fucking boring, do fucking something fuck the girl with glasses or something Just please DO something.

    I am done with this show can not endure another episode, first season was also the same plus several ridiculous plot twist at the end just not worth it.

  • Gambi says:

    The fact that the only person in this anime who is not a “monster” is the actual monster, the headless rider, is what i liked about this show