Death Arcade #04 — Group Hug!

January 30th, 2015


Who thought that was a good idea?


These characters simply didn’t work for me. At all. 95% of the focus was on a woman who became a reality TV star by exploiting and neglecting her children, after sleeping with a parade of abusive men in the same room as her kids. Christ, they even started with her bullying the guy, and half her flashbacks were flashbacks were her being a giant bitch to and/or neglecting everyone around her, and ended it with beating the hell out of him. His whole story on the other hand was… his mother said she never wanted him and got a divorce. Five seconds later, mom was replaced by a new, loving mom. More time was spent on the woman’s kids crying and/or angrily glaring at her than on his entire schtick. She beat her handler too until it got her murdered, and despite a new life with loving parents where he seemingly wanted for nothing, he never moved on and killed himself after an unexciting game on his Playbox 364. A group hug and declaration that they both tried really hard seems juuuuust a tad bit inappropriate. Yes. Cut down at the prime of her life after only 40 years old and becoming a national TV star, despised by a half dozen of her children. Hugs for all.

You know, I was mostly joking last week about this show’s seeming hatred of women, but it’s starting to make me wonder if it really does have it out for them and just keeps that one protagonist one around to point at and say “See? I have a female friend. It’s just a coincidence all my stories are about women cheating on, lying to, and exploiting poor, innocent, unassuming men.” By the way they double-downed with domestic violence and depression, I kind of got the impression that they’re cloaking themselves in the same way that indy games about mental illnesses do. Say something bad? Well, you’re denigrating the situation/condition and everyone who’s suffering. Never mind the efficacy with which you have actually constructed your piece of media or evoked the response using the characters. All I got is that they were both self-absorbed to nigh-on sociopathic levels.

I’m also not at all a fan of the rather blatant cheating on the gamesmaster’s part. Honestly, guys. Just make them play a different game. Or better idea, use that crap in the game that you went out of your way to call attention to for one throwaway line about how your children’s love for you is completely useless. Yeesh. If you’re going to wield that kind of subtle-as-an-elephant sledgehammer, then don’t be bloody shy about it. Don’t resort to the god of the world spontaneously emasculating one side by cutting off his phall– Oooooh.

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  • jingoi says:

    A true death arcade would have capsule chess or a ton of clowns.