Cross Ange #13 — The Invincible Razor Frisbees

January 3rd, 2015


Welcome back, you crazy bastards.

The terrestrial broadcast of Milky Holmes TD came with an opening, featuring extra idol and recycled clips (and an ED that’s almost entirely shots of the idol as a little girl running around a garden). Oh boy. Also, Absolute Duo airs at 3:30 am my time, so I’ll get to the first episode when I get to it. After that, the week of premieres really kicks off… all to delayed for work. C’est la vie.


You really have to appreciate the pile of women clinging to Ange in the new OP, especially all the ones around her about to make out with each other. They also had to face their most dangerous enemy yet. Sure, they’ve defeated giant dragons and… lots of little dragons, but they’re practically helpless when it comes to razor frisbees. That shoot ropes. Tusk also made another good showing for both himself and all his faceplants into Ange’s nether regions being on purpose by shooting about four soldiers in the back of the head in a one-man rescue operation before vaulting over another to shoot him in the face.

It was sort of uneventful for the first fifteen minutes though, although Sunrise uneventful, not UFOTable uneventful. The invasion went on, but for all the yelling and shooting, I really couldn’t care less that panicky woman panicked again, or that the peanut gallery was peanuting, or that the fortress is changing to a giant battlesub affair. It’s all kind of relative to the last five minutes anyway. Ange cutting off whose-her-face’s mech’s arms and then turning red (because why not?) seemed to be the trigger for Embryo/Jesus to begin his teleportation tour of saving (and no doubt recruiting) a bunch of the peanut gallery by the power of Mr. Clean handwaving away blood. Oh, and he sang at Ange too because he apparently also has a magical musical mech (which would be more of a surprise if it wasn’t all over the OP), which he then used to try to nuke every single penis in Ange’s life. She can teleport though (apparently this is also a thing she can do), so he only got half of them.

Next Episode:

Awkward threesome in some ruins.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kadi says:

    Jesus got the wrong dick…

  • wtf says:

    That sure is one QUALITY new OP lol

    Mechs for everyone!

  • Yeng says:

    So does Chris die?

  • Fellow says:

    An entire room full of children burnt to a crisp, and one loli gets away with a minor head wound? What?

  • FlameStrike says:

    Sunrise being Sunrise is the best. Keep it up Cross Ange! I’m expected some Tusk “accidental” pinching next episode.

  • Sanjuro says:

    Thank god blue braid isn’t dead.

  • Ruben says: