Ikkitousen EE #01 — Shu Jobs Again

December 21st, 2014


Because Shu always jobs.


Really, Ikkitousen? Have you really run out of Ro3K characters and have to start poaching the Sengoku ones? I know you haven’t. You’ve still got like… the entire Sima clan, not to mention the later awful Shu crowd, especially the woefully inept Jian Wei. I guess at least I don’t need to go cross reference the Japanese names with the Chinese ones for once. That’s a small blessing in another Shu dominated affair. I am so sick of Shu. Besides being just extremely insecure and obnoxious, they are the jobbers of the series, and once again, they jobbed it up. If jobbing was an Olympic sport, they’d probably win, because they can’t even do that right.

The most animated part of the action was a brief couple second bit where Zhang Fei ran in circles around Hozoin, so yeah, it’s about as disappointingly unanimated as the last OVA. Mostly, it was either speedlines or especially when Jubei was involved, simply “moving instantly and then posing.” The plot is even wafer thinner than usual too. “A bunch of new people appeared and they’re attacking people.” Pretty much like they do for funsies all the time, but these guys are extra mean or something. One of the new people didn’t even appear after the introductory segment. Not that an epic involving story is required here, but we’re still failing to meet the bare minimum.

I miss the one series where it predictably cycled through a solid episode, a godawful episode, and then an awful episode. That was the one shining moment where the thing was actually given half of what could be charitably be called a budget and bothered to do something with a few of the characters, even killing off a few. Since then, it’s entered a holding pattern, too afraid to do anything with its existing characters, but still shoves as many as it can into every episode just to keep merchandise sales alive including even bringing dead ones back to life all the time.

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