Chaika #20 — Takeshi’s Castle: Featuring the Prism Chaika Rangers

November 26th, 2014


Why wasn’t everyone cutting the bridge ropes?

The more observant may have noticed that I skipped the IS2 OVA. My excuse is that I could not for the life of me care, and a glance showed Ichika hilariously tripping over, landing on, and disrobing girls, so…


My first thought when they began with a giant obstacle course of bridges to apparently swarm across, then spontaneously stop at various points and start trying to push each other into the water was “Oh, now we’ve become Takeshi’s Castle. That may be a step up.” Then the guards came out, in the middle of a chaotic melee, to force ‘half-Chaika’ down the hallway they were standing in front of. This was then followed by the guards again showing up to force ‘real’ Chaika down the hallway they were trying to go down. You know, guys, you could have just… you know… not done anything. Was there really a need to reframe them going into the dark evil castle owned by the warlord staging his own personal ‘bloody’ tournament with the intent to betray the winner? Apparently yes. Also, it adds a few more valuable seconds to the run time without having to actually do anything, because apparently this needs to last us until the end of the season.

Anyway, they make it to the inner sanctum where they’re pitted against each other and/or the Prism Chaika Ninja Rangers. You’d think that would be some kind of weird joke in bonus OVA content, but no. It’s a serious bit… of filler. That’s right. They pulled a set of brightly colored ninja Chaikas out of their asses to add an extra minute or two to the run time. They’re summarily dispatched within 60 seconds of appearing. Didn’t even team up to form the Megachaika. The rest was basically just them having about 30 seconds of punchies each in an arena pit, you know… what each one’s damn plan entering the tournament was, and then losing. At least the annoying douchebag got his hand cut off by his fangirl. I’m sure that’ll just make him more angsty and tragic or whatever the hell his deal is supposed to be. Freddie got magically shut down too because of bloody course she did. Remember that one time she stomped some random thug about 7 months ago? I miss that.

Next Episode:

Honestly, you morons. What did you expect would happen? How about a smash and grab next time, eh?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ransom says:

    They killed Fredrika!… Again!… Kind of makes me think of the running gag with Lancer from Fate.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I love that after what’s his face got one cut, Red Chaika is like “Well, shit. I didn’t come to a fighting tournament to get hurt. I quit.”

  • Chipp says:

    Well, I was expecting this since the beginning but it looks like most of the 2nd season is anime original with some acknowledging of the original novels:
    Guess that can explain some stupid plot devices here and there.

    • kenuran says:

      Thats nice.

      Now we get to see the full power of BONES usually terrible writing now that are doing original material. Cant to see how it ends! Might just be as nonsensical as Tokyo ESP’s ending.