Akame #18 — Mr. Wiggles

November 2nd, 2014


Your antagonists are getting progressively worse somehow.

I forgot to note it yesterday, but if you’re in the DST area, Japan’s not, so starting today, everything airs an hour earlier, relatively speaking.


This may very well be my favorite shot of the show to date. It’s like a three year old is trying to take the censoring and make it artistic. And it was followed right up with Plastic Man doing the wiggle as some kind of threat. It was even harder to take their super evil throwaway characters (who of course, never actually did anything particularly evil) seriously when they’re doing the truffle shuffle or blocking things with their bears. Somehow, Obligatory Tits managed to be the only one that wasn’t a joke. 

It was pretty much the same ol, same ol this week for the most part. First half spent pulling some new characters out of its ass, second half summarily dispatching them all with little ceremony. Entire purpose of the fights was “cause fights.” Some effort was spent on the action, so that puts it firmly above average for the show, but still without any real purpose, the time that could have maybe be spent on that instead filled up with date montages and harem girls to pad out the screen time. Also same ol, same ol.    

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