Yuuki Yuuna #04 — Glee

October 30th, 2014



For the record, even though I was at work, the actual broadcast  was extremely delayed due to baseball (as well as Amagi/Twin Tails), so once again, CR’s ‘simulcast’ was before the actual broadcast. Given that they usually ‘simulcast’ things an hour+ (or days!) afterward, one has to wonder if they’ve ever even accidentally hit the simul part of the simulcast.


Another damned episode of shenanigans about being brave enough to sing in front of a crowd, so… they hung out. Way to stretch what was the C plot of a Community episode into an entire twenty minutes. It made me prod at Twin Tails to see if maybe that had improved, but no, of course not. That had them getting to the monster du jour about five minutes in and then spend literally the next twelve minutes standing about ten feet apart gabbing at each other before one bothered to do anything.

Not much else otherwise. I think Blonde2 announced no less than three times about how she was unable to function without her mother figure, and spazzy rival picked up the 500 ton cluebat to declare that she should just go away and let Spazzy be leader, to say nothing of the accidental Death tarot reading and her writing a goddamned “If I die” message at the end. I don’t know why they don’t just have a gorilla sitting on top of the school constantly screaming “IF BLONDE1 WAS GONE…!” That’s how I’d handle it to be slightly more subtle. You don’t get more points the longer you stretch it out and you’re not fooling anybody. Unless you’re not going to do anything whatsoever, which just means you’ve been jerking off this thing for the past month for no reason whatsoever.

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  • Longhaul says:

    With 6 monsters at once next week people might get the deaths they are hoping for.