Your April Lie #01 — $5 Footlong Subtlety Special

October 9th, 2014


With extra cheese.


Before we reached the five minute mark, I think we already had over a dozen shots of sunsets and explosions of cherry blossoms. Before the ten minute mark, the protagonist had already narrated how the world is full of sparkling color to everybody but him and then entered his drab grey home with a giant shrine to his dead mother. Good god. I will quote myself. “All [the promo] was missing was for the world to be black and white before she appeared.” And so it was. With an extra helping of bloom and cherry blossoms exploding and birds flying around her because she is girl Jesus. This was not only shown, but explicitly explained. Multiple times over. And his angst is all for his physically abusive dead mother who beat him until he was bloody because she wasn’t famous. This is who we’re pining for. Subtlety is dead.

I guess it’s more comical than expected, although like all the ridiculously overblown drama, it was also focused on seeing how overblown they could make it, which is to say that old fantastic standby of shouting against Powerpoint backgrounds. ‘Cause Powerpoint is the staple of comedy. How do you know you’re supposed to laugh without Powerpoint? Oh right, the comical misunderstandings about being a pervert. How could I possibly forget? That. All it was missing was someone going “That is not how things are!” and they would have hit the holy comedy trinity.

I will say that it’s one of the more palatable of all the blandish nothing-happens first episodes of this season, but this is a show to which subtlety is a sandwich promotion at Subway. I could have just be amused by how over the top all the scenery porn was. That sure was a great shot of some power lines, guys. Contributed a lot! The protagonist is the typical sad sack with an especially ridiculous sob story background, and Girl-Jesus is the same eccentric character as has been esconced in noitaminA since its inception. Same ol’, same ol’.


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  • algorithm says:

    Is this thing Okada related by any chance?

  • The Phantom says:

    Depressed boy/girl, and over-enthusiastic boy/girl combo again? Just Music added in the middle right, NO JAPAN, NOT AGAIN….