Wolf Girl and Black Prince #01 — “Check Out These Drop Shadows!”

October 5th, 2014


Damn, do I love drop shadows!


…And then this one both opens and ends with a Powerpoint zoom effect. Direction! This show’s contribution to the subgenre of Insecure Teenage Girl Who Wants To Change Herself But Discovers That What She’s Missing Is The Penis of a Misunderstood Bad Boy With a Heart of Gold can be summarized as “Layer Style: Blending Options: Drop Shadow: Opaque.” The mouths overlaid on a background of people looking shocked at bitches being bitches at the end probably also deserves credit for being another horrendous idea that somehow made it into the final thing. Pioneer of visual styles it is not.

Every single other of the usual cliches that come with this kind of show are also here in full force; the polka dot/sparkly/pastel backgrounds for every single exaggerated reaction both comedy and ’emotional’, the screaming at and panning for the camera with silly faces by the protagonist, the corny superficial bitch friends who aren’t really her friends at all. I think the writing here got as far as “put dog ears on girl” and then used the standard template for the rest. If you’ve seen any other show of this type, you’ve seen this episode before. Girl meets boy, boy seems meeeean, but then sticks up for her and makes her heart go pitter patter to a sparkly background as she gasps and ovulates, boy goes nuh-uh I’m totally a bad boy really.

Production’s weak, characters and story are a giant heap of generic cliche, comedy’s all yelling, overreaction, and panning for the camera. Thrilling. Moving on.

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Sepia? Now we’re into advanced Photoshop!

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One Lonely Comment

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    You know, what you have here is actually a remake of “I Love Lucy”, with the Drop Shadow taking the place of the mugging from Lucille Ball. (Sixty years isn’t such a long time after all…)