White Box #01 — Another PA Works Mazzzzzz…

October 9th, 2014


You need to stop this, PA Works.


I wondered how self-indulgent this was going to be since the norm for Japanese shows about making Japanese shows tends to wager from extremely to an ouroboros of self-administered fellatio. Clearly, I had my sights set too high, because PA Works still isn’t going to be conforming to your ideas of having content, man. It sure as hell ain’t a comedy. With a bazillion characters and zero focus on any of them, I’m not really sure it’s supposed to be a drama either. It’s just kind of like… a bunch of random people at work. Not a mockumentary like the Office. Not a parody like 30 Rock. Not even educational like GA Art Club. Just a bunch of people whining about being behind on work and throwing out animation terms, but even that’s not for any purpose beyond going “We know about things in animation.” Replace the industry babble with things like tachyon fields and dilithium pulse conversion and it would make just as much sense while being just as interesting.

Like PA Works’s last abysmal opening episode of Glasslip, I have no idea whatsoever what they think they’re doing or why they’re doing it. Granted, there are fewer montages eating up the time, but there’s no more content or purpose to the episode. I guess I’d call it true slice of life as opposed to the teen melodrama that people usually describe as such, but I mean that as pejorative to try to explain why anybody would create something so clearly lacking in purpose and direction. I can’t even confidently say “because people like looking at girls” since they make themselves scarce through most of the second half as well.

Why do you exist?

Next Episode:

Why haven’t you stopped existing yet?

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  • Sanjuro says:

    They should have made this a documentary about Wizard Barristers. And on episode 7 their offices blow up.