Rage of Bahamut #01 — The Adventures of Afro Cowboy in Fantasyland

October 5th, 2014


Those lips weird me out.

This isn’t due to be broadcast until tomorrow, but apparently rats got into Funimation’s pipes again, so here we are. Also, I’ll get to Joker tomorrow before work (since it airs at like, 2am my time), and a reminder that Amagi’s premiere was bumped from last Thursday to late(ish) tomorrow morning (or afternoon if you’re on the east coast).
Edit: My site switched servers this morning in the middle of me uploading things, which saw the loss of everything I uploaded to the FTP after Seven Deadly Sins. I think I’ve got it all recapped and reuploaded now (an hour of my life I want back), but drop a line if something’s still screwing up. They sent me an e-mail saying it’d be happening in the evening and to expect a little downtime, so they were only 12 hours off.


What an utterly bizarre affair. It’s like a fantasy western where the bounty hunters go around turning criminals into cards. And I mean really western, although the city being “Wytearp” was a big clue. It was also the funniest thing I’ve watched this new season by far, and intentionally too! Plus a protagonist who’s having a blast hunting bounties, fighting random guys, hitting on women, and riding horses across roofs? And he’s the clever kind of badass who outsmarts his enemies in various ways, and giving the audience enough credit to understand that alcohol is flammable? Are we sure Japan made this show? Or maybe they’re trying to make fantasy magical girlfriend Trigun with an afro.

I can’t say I like the art style for the characters much, and since it’s Mappa, there’s all kinds of CGI jammed into orifacesit doesn’t belong. It did get a bit overblown at the start and end, especially when the opera was wailing. Some of the dialogue also tended to veer toward the wrong side of corny. “I just wanted a kiss.” “The only thing you’ll kiss… is the reaper!” stands out as a particularly eye-rolling bit of back and forth, but most of the rest was amusing. I’m not quite sold on the magical demon girlfriend. She didn’t show up much and she certainly pulled her weight in the fighting department, but she’s of the emotionless/humorless variety and didn’t have much chemistry with Afroman compared to just about every other character. There’s room for improvement at any rate.

I thought the episode was a blast for the most part. Well-done action, adventure, good chemistry between the protagonist and his rival, fun protagonist(s) getting stuff done with competence and without a lot of exposition, all while setting up the clear quest for the rest of the season. Like Cross Ange, it covered more ground in any five minutes than most other shows managed in the entire episodes, and packed it with action and humor along the way.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Rax says:

    Gasp, actually something good?

  • Anonymous says:

    looks good, but those lips…

  • Fhoenix says:

    Oh my god, Aroduc praising something. And it actually is damn good. This is a miracle.

  • kenuran says:

    I’m actually kind of worried about the rest of the show because it really showed off. This episode pushes my expectations of what the show can offer really high and it easily drop off considerably from the next episode onward. I wouldn’t be surprised if the production drops like stone cause they used up the budget in this first episode. Its happened many times before.

  • The Phantom says:

    This was absolutely amazing, from beginning to end, simply incredible.

    I doubt they can keep this movie like quality for the whole season but I am sure as I hell would love if they can.

  • Kadi says:

    Even if the animation quality drops, one can hope for the writing/characters… right? And at least this first episode was an unexpected godsend for me.

  • algorithm says:

    He praised it! So when is it pathetically running out of budget?

  • FlameStrike says:

    Damn this was good! The only thing I didn’t like was the character designs. Those fat lips and afro… but meh not EVERY anime character can be some perfect looking bishie. Plus he gets major points for being fun to watch.

  • ;s;s;s;;ss;;s says:

    Aroduc is dead, this man is an imposter

  • Chipp12 says:

    Oh, speaking of screaming – this one’s protagonists/characters are really irritating with constant screaming in the air or at other. What’s so fun about them again?

    • Chipp12 says:

      Yeah, that’s the bad point. At least I can endure character with the girly voice but decent seiyu.

  • jingoi says:

    So far not shit. I hope the feMC doesn’t become dependent on MC for everything.

  • seibaru says:

    This must be one of your off days Aroduc. I prescribe 500 mg of skepticism along with 500 mg of disinterest.