Mysterious Joker #01 — Disguises… Disguise People!

October 6th, 2014




Just noting that this is very much an obnoxious, loud, annoying children’s show, full of bright colors and shouting for attention, with magical gum that does anything and his secret hideout is a giant blimp. It’s nice that they at least seem to understand that and there’s no serious drama jammed in there uncomfortably, but I doubt there are many people above the age of twelve who’d be able to swallow this. The low point was probably when Joker removed his disguised, and they paused the show to explain that… he had been wearing a disguise! Even for a kid’s show, that’s kind of insulting. At least it’s not as cheaply made as many other shows this season, but that’s about the only praise I’m reserving for it. 


Next Episode:


Enough yelling.

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