GARO #1 — Talk Dirty to Me

October 3rd, 2014


There’s something about that end card

Let’s start with the non-sequels/episode 2s and work our way back. We’ll see how in the mood I am for Okada/Terra Formars mega-angst after these.


There’s a couple ten ton elephants in the room when it comes to this one. The obtrusive and awful CGI that could not fit the flatter drawn art style any less if they tried is a major one. It was at its worst at the very end with the supposedly exciting big battle when the evil goo monster took his true horrifying form, a fat tyranosaurus with a human head locked up in stocks. It looked as stupid as it sounds, and this thing ‘fought’ a man made entirely of overdesigned CGI. And by fought, I mean waddled toward him a couple times before dying.

Another more euphemistic elephant is that almost a third of the episode was Hairy Naked Man in bed with Vagina Snakes Witch Monster providing exposition, exposition, exposition, eating men with her vagina snakes, and then more exposition. Granted, it’s a somewhat novel approach to info dumping, but they still managed to fit in a slow pan across the ceiling anyway, apparently while her mouth was fully occupied with a game of swallow the gopher before turning into some manner of goo monster and being stabbed into the wall. Again, a novel approach, but not what I’d call subtle or nuanced.

I’m probably coming across as more down on it than I am. Granted, the plot insofar as this episode was concerned was weak and a whole buttload of time was spent on mostly poorly handled setup, and the way everything shifts to CGI for pretty much any excuse is distracting at best and corny as all hell at worst, but I actually kind of like Hairy Naked Man. Plus, after Recong’s tone woes, I thought they did a pretty decent job with both it and the direction here. The titular protagonist existed basically only to dispatch Waddly Rex, but he teamed up with HNM at the end to go off and kill monsters or something. It’ll get another week or two on a weak Friday at any rate.

Next Episode:

Enough with the pyres.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fellow says:

    I have a feeling blondie prince is going to ruin this show for me. That, or it becoming a very dull MotW.

  • Yue says:

    For a moment there, I wasn’t sure if you are alluding to what they are doing during that scene (2nd paragraph). I wonder that if Aroduc is given enough time and funds, what kind of fiction or novel will he be able to publish?

    Well, the armor design is rather cool, good material for cosplay purposes.