Akame #16 — Training Dummies

October 22nd, 2014


One’s just a damned gorilla.


I’ve already lamented the lack of weight to the action when all that’s keeping them from going “Oh crap. Things aren’t going according to our plans. Let’s retreat and try again,” is a big fat nothing. It gets even worse when they whip out the pack of literal corpses from their asses and set up lawn chairs on the sideline to watch. At least it meant that only about 50% of the participants in combat were yammering at each other, although the peanut gallery was certainly picking up the slack. Plus, some of them had more time spent introducing them than they did actually fighting. The godawful censorship was certainly a thing to behold as well. I particularly enjoyed this shot. It’s not censorship, it’s a vertical letterbox effect! For… uh… dramatic framing!

I’m sure I’d be a little more receptive to this episode if it had come a month earlier before a bunch of action shows with a real budget to throw around gave me concrete things to easily compare it to. It was certainly one of the better episodes of the show as far as animation and lack of verbal diarrhea went, but with the fight not serving any greater purpose for either side except “have fightsies time” and the only lasting consequence being the death of a character completely extraneous to events (a sentiment I expect we’ll be revisiting next week), I have a hard time seeing what was accomplished, or had the potential of being lost if they had just packed up and went home.  

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Gee, what could this mean?

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  • Chipp says:

    Haven’t people already said several times in comments that there’s a version without censorship? I just can’t understand why you would blame it (almost) every episode while you can get the uncensored version without any problems.