Tribe Cool Crew #01 — Maybe He’s Born With It

September 27th, 2014


Maybe it’s Maybelline.


I think I see what happened here. Someone watched one of those godawful CGI EDs that are all the rage for every goddamned children’s show imaginable, and decided to make an entire show out of that. I thought you got this all out of your system with Love Live, Sunrise. I don’t know why you’ve taken it upon yourselves to make an entire show centered around bad CGI dancing. You can already go practically anywhere and get bad CGI dancing. Do you want to make it even more of an obnoxious thing than it already is? What is your ultimate purpose here? Was this indeed made to punish animators who have wronged you in some way? Are you in bed with the hairspray and makeup companies? Are the inane and over-elaborate character designs a trial by fire before letting your artists near Gundam’s Victorian dresses? Help me to understand, Sunrise.

I got distracted by a sheltie about seven minutes in, but that was more than enough to get a pretty thorough feel for the show. By the time I decided to pay attention again, they had been transported to the Dance Dimension through a pain of glass. My suggestion, watch this instead. The music’s better, the dancing choreography’s better, the characters look less ridiculous, and it has fifty times more groove. At least we’re setting the bar for production for the new season very, very, very low.

Next Episode:

I think her eyes are fleeing into her mouth.

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  • Afrosquirrel says:

    “I think her eyes are fleeing into her mouth.”

    She’s seen enough of this nonsense as well.