Tokyo Ghoul #11 — Thanks, Obi-Wan!

September 11th, 2014


There’s never going to stop being flashbacks about that guy, is there?


I kind of feel bad for them. They almost had the right idea with the torture scenes. Leave it to the audience’s imagination and such, but the problem is that like practically everything else in the show, it was all posturing completely at odds with what the show was actually doing. That and the continued questions of “Is Kaneki ever going to do anything?” and “Why are all these people risking their lives for this twit?” They’ve already done plenty of limb severing and people have gotten right back up without any ill effect just after being reduced to foppish heads, so a little blood splatter and waving bugs or tools around as some manner of horrible torture is impersonal at best. Actually show some toenails being ripped off. Make me squirm. Invoke a true visceral reaction. Kaneki has the same reaction to being ‘tortured’ as he does to watching a news report saying ghouls eat humans. There’s also a few contrast problems when they cut to a guy going crazy and spewing fluids at the mere sight of someone disobeying orders.

As for the rest… well, I guess at least it was mostly action packed, but it’s all too disconnected from… well… everything. Take Amon’s whole schtick, complete with interrupting flashbacks all over the place. Who cares? Really any of the human side stuff. They’re clearly trying to build up to some big final boss, but it might as well all be taking place fifty miles away, ten years in the future. Or maybe it’s just that the main protagonists continued to do jackall this episode. Kaneki sat around getting tortured the whole thing while the rest of Team Save the Dumbass In Distress managed to only show up and even that just barely. The action, while better this week than most, is still nowhere even close to good enough to get by on itself alone without any weight or real purpose.  

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