Tokyo ESP #11 — Thanks, Mr. Pompadour!

September 19th, 2014


The CGI floating capitol building only gets worse every time I see it.


I think that the telepathic pelican looking for love which just happens to be on an island out in the middle of nowhere may take the cake as the most nonsensical thing of the season, which is a goddamned impressive feat. Doubly so when they hauled “magic shield” out of their ass thanks to Random Guy With a Pompadour Who Is On a Field Trip Here From Some Corny Boxing Show. I don’t even think he has a name. And yet, still somehow more relevant than Professor Pelican X who’s only in it to get laid. By a non-psychic bird with a regular bird brain. I think that’s technically animal cruelty.

At least things did eventually happen in the second half, scooting right past the entirety of the first episode’s content with only a little bit of recycled footage. I guess they must think everyone remembers the gist of it and doesn’t need to see it all again. A sentiment certain shows that spent three to four minutes recapping what happened only last week could learn from. Taking out the grunts of the League of Evil Mutants was still rather pedestrian. They could have been pretty safely removed from the story (along with the whole jailing psychics thing honestly) and nothing would have been much different. Maybe they might have had to have one of the main antagonists beat up Rinka to depower her, thus establishing a more personal and direct connection instead of gaffing on about ideological crap… Boy would that have been a shame. 

The action still wasn’t where it needed to be, the first half was entirely too uneventful for it to be an enthralling episode, but after yesterday debacles of writing, laughing at one sex hungry bird painfully extracted from the ass to pontificate about love feels almost comforting.   

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  • Sanjuro says:

    That was terrible. The girl in the china-dress was wearing trousers.