Blade Dance #12 — Have Some Damn Chocolate

September 29th, 2014


Bring on the next season.

As a couple side notes for the start of the new season, I’ll probably be able to cover the Bookseller thing Thursday morning before work since it put up 10 minutes of the first episode as a pre-air special and the post is already half done based on that. And apparently UBW’s first two episodes are both going to be an hour long, so if you thought that Deen’s version started excrutiatingly slowly, then great news! The new one will be even slower.  Or if you want to compare it to the movie, by the time the movie was half over, this version will have just reached Saber appearing.


So we end as we have been going, with some incredibly half-assed fanservice and action, then shoving chocolate down the dumbass’s gullet. There was even a nonsensical speech about how he won because of his friends. And then they fly off on an airship, no doubt to have more chocolate somewhere else. Even the eeevil elf was just dispatched by staff apart from everyone else. Good thing she was part of the show, eh guys? I can’t remember if the protagonists even knew she existed at all. Fan-bloody-tastic.

Final Thoughts:

Poorly produced, the plot moved excruciatingly slowly, and characters about as interesting as dishwasher, but there was one thing that set it apart from other shows this season; it aired on Monday. And… that’s about it. Wasn’t even good for T&A. There were a few moments when it seemed like the characters were overcoming their insecurities to become less obnoxious, but that was quickly reset back to the default. Hell, one of them was introduced in the first episode, showed up nearly every single episode after and was part of the ‘main’ team, but did literally nothing of even the slightest import whatsoever.

I’ve wasted enough time on this. Flee. Flee this show now lest you be very, very bored.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    Come Aroduc, you like blog this stuff because then you can writte silly

  • Sanjuro says:

    I was mostly bored but not offended. Some of the girls had nice voices and there wasn’t too much shouting.

  • FlameStrike says:

    lol will you be sitting through UBW? Writer of reviews, do you have enough endurance?