Blade Dance #11 — Enough About the Goddamn Chocolate

September 22nd, 2014


You’re not even good for thigh shots anymore.


The real twist this week is that when faced with the prospect of being molested and/or mindraped by an elf, Red spontaneously defeated all her insecurity in one thought of a booooooy and then somehow becomes the emotional pillar of the entire cast. Is that all it takes? After multiple episodes of hand wringing and crying in the darkness? Well then, attempted elf rape for all! Or maybe the real twist is that they’re still going on about goddamned chocolate. And given the preview, will still be next week.

You’d think they’d be trying to build up to some kind of finale since it’s ending next week (thank god), but all they can come up with is “We’ve gotta defeat this random person.” At some point they probably should have established an “or else,” but that would take away time from girls staring at their hands and thinking “I touched a guy!” and we can’t have that.  

Season preview will be up when I get home from work.


Next Episode:


More chocolate.

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