Blade Dance #10 — Another Date Episode

September 15th, 2014


What fun.


Well, at least it was a lot more point than usual for this show. Although on point pretty much just means that it managed to stay focused on one girl instead of being a mish-mash of scenes trying to fit all of them in. That’s a step up for this show, but there was still so bloody little going on and it’s getting a little late to be stuffing in new characters when they already aren’t doing jack with the ones they have. It’s not even just antagonists either. I can’t remember a single even vaguely important scene where Blondie mattered in the slightest.

Anyway, Windy dragged him to her room to wait on him hand and foot, prompting another insecure outburst from Fiery. Then Rival pops in to windblast everyone, poach a few people for her team, and wander right back out of the show before Working Together Montage, another argument, and ending with Evil Elf Cliffhanger, again. I summarize because I was bored and it was dumb. From the swelling music during every one of her scenes, they’re definitely trying to make the ending about Claire, but hell if I could tell you why exactly. It could have worked, if they had bothered to actually develop a relationship between them, but they did not, and it’s just extra whinging over the same things it’s been playing off as mostly jokes but are now serious for some reason. Maybe since she’s the first one who appeared, she has main heroine status and they therefore feel obligated to ramp up the insecurity and angst to rehash her previous half-arc. Joy. 

Season preview will be up (with promos!) next Monday. 

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Oh look. Blondie exists.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Atmo says:

    And they even showed a tentacle monster but didn’t used it properly! Bad show, bad show!

    • arknoir says:

      They ran out of pokeballs to catch Tentacreul and made it faint instead? joking aside it’s hard to find in pokemon y, where is it?