Aldnoah.Zero #12 — Everyone’s Totally Dead, Guys. Totally. Definitely.

September 20th, 2014


No fooling, guys! The princess is dead for real! For the third time!


Oh no! His super mech has the power of multiple previous super mechs! And there’s no body of water anywhere in sight! How will Eggboy overcome his deadliest challenge yet!? We only have five minutes to sit around and chat at the start before things get serious for real. Oh right, he’s just that good. He’ll just talk his way through shooting a couple things he brought along and win. What a satisfying ultimate victory for Eggboy.

And of course, then there’s the ending. If they actually had balls to dispose of the cardboard box and girl-Jesus, that’d probably improve things, but I’m unconvinced. Especially after pulling “The princess is totally dead” card multiple times already. Who knew that returning to the same schtick over and over again would devalue it and lead to skepticism when they tried to do it again? As disposable as they were, serving little purpose except to defeat the monster of the week and be a battery/symbol of uber love respectively, it’s not like the rest of the cast is any better. Hell, some of them exist for no other reason than to rub themselves against those characters and say how great they are.    


‘Final’ Thoughts:

This isn’t really an ending, but whatever. It may be the last time I seriously look at it. The biggest problem that the show needs to solve is in the writing. Production was mostly solid, although was much stronger during its “Robot Master of the Week” phase than its “We Need To Pad The Hell Out of This To Get to the Halfway Point” phase, and could certainly stand to not put insert songs on bloody everything. Contrast, people. If you treat every single piddly little fight as special, what do you do when you get to one that actually needs extra oomph?

*ahem* The writing. While there’s plenty of bizarre plot developments pulled straight from the ass, or supposed acts of genius that stretch credulity past the breaking point, the characters are the far bigger problem. They’re pretty much all ridiculous archetypes skewed to the extreme. Inaho is a cardboard box that can do anything and everything while everyone else is hopelessly incompetent. Whose His Face just sits around having PTSD episodes. The princess is the greatest more benevolent being on the face of the planet. Almost the entire rest of the cast exists just to extoll these traits on these three characters and are hardly worth mentioning. They’re all static through the whole thing which even as explosions happen, makes it feel like the whole thing is going absolutely nowhere by returning to the same schtick again and again and against with the main ‘developments’ in the show (especially toward the end) are simply given as lectures from the similarly unexciting and extremely disposable antagonists. Slaine may be the only one who has a personal stake, but he’s only barely more emotive than Inaho and so far, has had little purpose outside of one or two episodes except to be a pair of ears for the antagonists to talk at. And fulfill the role of moaning naked boy, I guess.

I don’t see it solving those issues going forward. Maybe they’ll surprise me. Maybe Inaho and the princess really are dead and some other less abhorrent characters will step up. I personally doubt it though, and even if they did, they’ll probably end up going through the exact same motions.

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17 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Rihan says:

    You know what they say…Third time’s the charm.

  • Regulus says:

    Did he get shot in the face or the shoulder? It was dark so I couldn’t really tell whether the recoil was from being hit in the face or somewhere around it…

  • anon says:

    A typical Urobotchi End…

    • Cid says:

      Naw anon…that will go like this come season 2.

      20 years later…

      Slaine has made pease with Earth and Mars, but at the cost of more than half the remaining population of both worlds.

      In the shadows, a figure stirs. Long black hair. A large sniper rifle.

      We see Slaine look up from the podium, a crack, a small black hole in his forehead and that same, sad pitiful look when Hime died. Behind him, a rather large blood rose.

      From the shadows, a broken and worn Yuki says…”Let Justice be done, though the Heavens Fall”


  • algorithm says:

    Wait, no reference to Dr Wily? Now I’m disappointed.

    Also PTSD proved once again that despite being the most useless of the lot, he also is the most resilient. Like a roach or something.

  • Sanjuro says:

    I don’t understand any of Slaines actions at all.

    They could have skipped episodes 3-10 and nothing would have changed.

  • anon says:

    Slaine is the Unpredictable Story preprocessor. Some kind of Writer Ace Card, to the end. Perhaps they where researching the Net, to get the Community surprised

  • Ronin8317 says:

    I enjoyed Aldnoah Zero. Once you connect the dots, Inaho’s character makes perfect sense as someone with Asperger syndrome. While he has emotions, he often fails to recognize it, and it took the death of the princess to make him realize his feeling for her. Of course, by then it’s too late.

    I hope they don’t cheapen the story by having the characters miraclously survive. Death needs to hurt, otherwise dying loses meaning in the story.

    • What the fuck says:

      My friend apparently there will be a 2nd season of this “what the fuck anime” And with all the character’s dead then the show can’t go on. Seylum is definately alive but Inaho who knows Saazabal though died good riddance the character appearance just pisses me off.

      As long as they don’t really cheapen the anime by making Seylum pregnant with Inaho’s kid I’m good.

      Please don’t pull the stupid drama card Urobotchi

      • FlameStrike says:

        I think it’s the other way around. Seylum is finally dead for good, but I highly doubt Inaho is dead. That’s what would make sense to me from a writing stand point. I mean Seylum’s character has been used up for all it’s worth. She isn’t going to get anymore development since being the virtuous good princess is pretty much the end point for her character, and she’s already done with the task of powering the Earth Spaceship thing.

        They still need Inaho’s robot ability as the only one who knows how to kill Martians lol. Also they need to give us a proper explanation for his Asperger syndrome or show us that he’s really a cyborg etc. With this it just feels unsatisfying. Well I’m fine with either way for Inaho’s fate at this point.

        lol @ Slaine though. He might even end up as next season’s antagonist. Then again Saazbaum pointedly didn’t die. He was a rather entertaining villian and wasn’t just the usually Martian herpderp so I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. On the other hand he did more or less accomplish his goal with the princess dead… (She’s dead right? Right?!)

    • aklik says:

      obviously inaho is stupid emo kudere, who makes stupid things, enjois killing allies, and bends reality with protagonist’s armor to make stupid things actually working…
      everyone else are even more stupid for him to look at least not stupid

  • arknoir says:

    logic = magic

    *fake Spoiler alert*. Inaho doesn’t die, he uses logic to survive the bullet just like he uses logic to defeat everything and explain his actions in a calm,collected and logical matter.

    All this anime taught me was the space oompa loompas used long distance logic to devastate cities then conveniently forgot about that logic and tried to use their bots to melee the earthlings to lose to a logic training robot and a logical boy and friends.

    Prediction for S2: middle age PSTD gets cured by poking Humeray imuoto or uses logic to cure himself, gets out of the permanent fetal position he’s been in since Ep1 and becomes MC in a training robot defeating elite oompa loompas with magic……. mean logic.

    • Aroduc says:

      Personally, I’m just assuming perspective. Bullet deflected off the side of the head is the simplest and easiest way out.

      Of course, that’d be the sensical way to make him survive and since when has sense been a part of the show?

  • Big Big Dog says:

    Honestly, I think they are alive as well as much as I’d prefer them to be dead. First of all, the princess has plot armor considering there’s a second season, she can activate the Aldnoah shit and give it to people to(by kissing them?), and the only other person shown who can do that is her decrepit grandfather who just lies on a bed. Then there’s also the fact that her suit saftey hood cushion came up when she was shot like you screenshotted.

    As for in-a-ho, my problem with the scene was that there was literally no reason for him to try to feign death given that if Slaine wanted him dead, he would’ve shot him in the first place. All he said was “don’t move towards the princess,” who for all Inaho knew was dead and couldn’t be helped in any case given his condition and whatever. Literally all Inaho had to do was just sit there. Anyways, the bullet deflected thing is probably what happened even though that’s complete bullshit, I highly doubt anyone wouldn’t notice that from near point blank range when shooting someone, not to mention it was never explicitly shown where Inaho was shot.

    And I agree, the writing in this series was pretty poor and many of the characters are pretty pointless as well. Half of them could be cut out and literally nothing would change. That cliffhanger existed just to get people back into the second season.

    • Big Big Dog says:

      What I meant to say was that there was no reason for him to point the gun at Slaine unless he wanted to feign death, which there should be no reason to do so as well.