Aldnoah.Zero #11 — 2 Maid 2 Furious

September 13th, 2014


I’m surprised she can even reach the gas pedal.


15% of this episode was a recap of the previous episode. Not any of the shower stuff, just the things after it. They showed a third of the last half of last week’s episode. I also enjoyed how after being tossed in jail, the first thing that happened to Angst Girl is something crashed into her cell, freeing her and giving her a brand new almost mint condition mech.

The best thing I can say is that there were a lot of smoke and explosions, but it’s hard for any of that to feel the least bit thrilling or build momentum when they keep cutting away from it for talking heads, especially when they start screaming “This is war!” Maybe if you want to actually sell that point, we should quit with the coffee breaks discussing the horrors of it and actually show it. You also can’t unring the bell and go from a parade of super mechs and now create any real excitement from grunts taking pot shots as a source of dramatic tension. It seems to have an almost fetishistic love of keeping characters on opposite sides who have survived for more than two episodes as far apart as possible lest they be forced to interact in any meaningful way. And then the insert songs kick in because this show has taken it upon itself to singlehandedly keep Japan’s idol industry afloat.

It was making overtures of excitement and stuff happening, which is better than it’s done for a lot of episodes lately, but good god, stop posturing and just execute. It was also painfully clear (even after the 3 minutes of recap) that we’re in stalling time now and waiting for whatever “exciting” twist they have for the end of the season, so might as well just skip to the thrilling cliffhanger no doubt coming.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon says:

    Well, this Ending here…

    We dont know for sure, if the Princess is Alive

    Well, this Show can reach 2 conclusions right now

    It can go on with the Princess dead, then they must kill the Count to end this

    or the Princess somehow made her way to the Core and shut it down. But the Mecha has an independent Engine, they have to fight despite that

    Let us prey, the Ship still had some Anti-Gravity Fields online, to easy the Impact or all on board are now just Red pool of Blood..

    • anon says:

      If you wondering why the Bridge Crew is half taken out.. 2 things

      Losing of Air Pressure in Space, or very thin Air to breath. It is like losing the Cabin Pressure in a Plane. The Lungs must be burning like Fire. Or just the Shock, must feel like someone hit with a Big Hammer your Lungs

      The Glass shreds that went flying. They wear Bulletproof vests. but they dont cover the entire Body..

    • Shiden says:

      She’s still alive. The Deucalion still had power, so she’s not dead.

      The part that bothers me the most though, is that it’s got weapons all over the place, and really hasn’t used any of them. Why go 20km up, when it could probably rush the Landing Castle and survive?

  • algorithm says:

    So his sister is the only one able to understand him until the plot demands that she can’t anymore. Whatever.

    Also too bad Slaine, your princess is in another castle. Again. 8th time the charm I guess.

  • Sanjuro says:

    So he’s the bestest on the whole Earth now?

  • The Phantom says:

    is like the second time that the ship crash land, this time was from waaaaay above, the impact alone should have obliterated the ship, but just in case it has any kind of magical armor or whatever and somehow managed to stay intact, no one inside should even be in one piece!

  • Haba says:

    Anime scriptwriters should really learn some physics.

    Even if the ship wasn’t shattered in the crash, the crew would most definitely be all dead. No matter what kind of seatbelts they wore.

  • arknoir says:

    lelouch + suzaku = inaho aka suzakuch(remember orange/bat exchange)

    he’s like the second coming of christ, turning water into wine, feeding the 5000 and a sky dive suicide mission in a training robot against superior opposition all to help his sister……….and save the earth as well. Is there nothing this teenage boy can’t do? Is there anything the adult can do competently?

    plus he’s a siscon and a creepy one at that. I fear for the sister.

    • aklik says:

      some random words put together can’t make eggman to resemble anyone…

      • arknoir says:

        lelouch = inaho is like lelouch in he seems to have a a-Team type plan which shouldn’t work ,but always works.

        suzaku = inaho like suzaku cos he’s a badass mecha pilot to a point where it’s just defying logic.

        orange = well ,Gottwald/slaine.