Tokyo Ghoul #09 — Flashbacks! Flashbacks! Flashbacks!

August 28th, 2014


It’s like nothing happened at all!

Forgot to note last week, but Silly Teenagers Running Around Doing Things That Make Absolutely No Sense While Pretending To Be Super Geniuses is off this week. It’ll be back next. Praise Space Goat.


What the Scott Bakula was this episode? It starts with five and a half minutes of pointless rambling flashback about That Guy In A Suit’s first day of work and decides that we’re going to jump forward a month, but not really because everyone is still angsting over the things that happened an episode or two ago and we’ll just be flashing back to random crap in the interim… like finding a hurt bird. No doubt, it’s meant to impress upon us the sheer depth and raw emotion of recent events by how even two months later, they’re still affecting everyone and everybody’s still talking about it like it was just yesterday. Which simply begs the question, why would they be affecting anybody any more now than they did back when they actually happened? But hey, there goes the whole first half of the episode with absolutely nothing but having some thinks. Certainly none related to each other or for any purpose though. Wouldn’t want to risk alienating anybody by having any ambition at all.

The second half didn’t get any better, although it did have fewer flashbacks. Not no flashbacks, just fewer, because Jesus Calavicci Christ, we can’t have anything actually happen, can we? Sad girl cut her hair. Everyone else felt sorry for themselves. Thrilling characters and action! The only thing of note in the entire damn episode is that a bunch of ghouls might do something at some point in the future. By the way they all wear brightly color-coded jackets, they’re also all sentai. Fantastic.

Next Episode:

Naked guy.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Sanjuro says:

    That little girl bursting into tears at that bird was the weirdest thing I’ve seen all season.

    I hope I’m not commenting too much…