Tokyo Ghoul #08 — “I Disagree!”

August 21st, 2014


Please, just shut up and try to look pretty.


After the raging mass of stupidity that was the preceding show and this being fairly action packed, I was sort of inclined to go easy on it, but then Kaneki started going on about how he was The Chosen One and the only one who understands anything and how he’s sinking into the darkness within but won’t lose himself yada yada yada and that was the end of that. His whole ‘fight’ scene was just bizarre to me. The only even ghoul-like thing he did during the entire start was wear a mask, which the ghouls haven’t been doing most of the time anyway, so that’s kind of a thin excuse to whip out the giant hammer to start beating up the teenager not even strong enough to punch you. Maybe if it was in Florida and he was wearing a hoodie… The hatred of ghouls and his job being to kill them apparently wasn’t enough to actually finish Kaneki off either, just enough to proselytize and smack him around a little. And then wonder why the ghoul let him live… after letting him live. While the ghoul attacked him for not letting them live in peace after he… tried to leave with the ghoul still alive. Damn it, Space Goat.

It was more action packed than most episodes, so the visuals at least were something to look at if nothing else. With everybody on both sides ranting and raving about their philosophical standpoints or just crying about how sad they were though, the whole thing would have been improved by handing out ball gags to the entire cast. It also, like many a Japanese thing, keeps it far too impersonal when it’s just designated mouthpieces with no specific goal or purpose for the fight besides “We disagree.” Why are you fighting? “We disagree!” What would happen if you win? “We’d still disagree!” What would happen if you lose? “We’d still disagree!” What would happen if you both just walked away? “We’d still disagree!” What has changed now that he’s dead? “We need to think of a new antagonist to disagree with!” Stay tuned for next week when there’s more disagreeing!

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Ba dum tss.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    Who knew Supercops’ weakness was an angsty scream. That or he really really wanted a hug from a teenage boy.

  • Chipp12 says:
    Uh, this doesn’t look like a sad face but reminds me of Gintama. Also is his eye bandage actually see-through?