Tokyo Ghoul #06 — Next I’ll Use My Swimmies!

August 7th, 2014


Or maybe a pool noodle.


This blew its load within the first 90 seconds on the back of someone grabbing his tie. Apparently since we introduced power levels last week, we’re going all the way with the Dragonball theme and grabbing any random tail-like ‘appendage’ completely immobilizes them. Didn’t even knock the guy over. He just came to a complete halt when his tie was squeezed and stood there screaming in impotent rage. After that, the episode got stupid. Stupider. And this is after the stupider turn from last week that resulted in ghoul power. At least that waiting more than five minutes before trotting out the brain damaged characters in awe of the dark ethereal yada yada don’t care, too stupid. Just another in the endless parade of “Woe is us for we are the darkness” lipservice that it has yet to even once follow through on.

There is an argument to be made that the second half was an improvement. It hardly involved the protagonist for one. Then again, it did have people trying to hit each other with pool equipment that was secretly tentacles. On the other, other hand, it was mainly focused on the random woman and her daughter who have just been hanging around serving no purpose. Their purpose has finally been found: angst, because there wasn’t enough of that already. Oh, and the cliffhanger of them being the new damsals in distress. Christ. There’s a plot development that certainly required five minutes of “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!” and shots of Dumbass wandering the streets to set up.

Next Episode:

You weren’t even a passable antagonist. What makes you think that you’ll be anything besides a horrid protagonist?

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  • Sanjuro says:

    It really did cut to the protag way too often at the end. We get it, he’s on the bloody same street.