Tokyo ESP #08 — Origin Stories Without the Origin Or Story

August 29th, 2014


I should have a counter on the sidebar: “It has been X days without an anime flashback.”

I may or may not post on the last SoraOto movie. The previous one bored me to tears in its first 20 minutes and a quick flip through the rest showed that it was only going to get more boring. I don’t have high hopes for this one either, but who knows?
Edit: I flipped through it quickly and… yeeeeeah. It appeared to be about 38 minutes of the girls sitting around talking. 3 minutes of the world being destroyed by… I don’t know what, two minutes of half-assed boobs, and a climax of Ikaros going “I love you!” which apparently resolved… whatever the hell the problem was. I think that’s about as much investment as I want to put into it.


Christ, they didn’t waste any time in pushing Roberta Kelly into the ridiculously petty and self-centered villany territory, did they? They might as well have had her throw a temper tantrum, jumping up and down and shouting “Me! Me! Me!” Still forgetting to answer the question of “Why does it matter?” and ignoring “We have an ESP-eating penguin.” But I guess that was all of about 90 seconds at the start, so I’ve already spent more timing writing here than they spent on it.

It’s not like the rest of the episode had much of anything else going on. The protagonists spent most of their time having some thoughts and doing some flashbacks. It was yet another setup episode, making it about the third in a row. This one was more focused on the antagonists recruiting a random array of newly powered women by having them murder random people. I can’t imagine any of them are going to be real antagonists though, and it’s not like they’ve really been using the ones they already have either and we’ve still got to work out way up to the tech squad from the flash forward in the first episode.

They didn’t even show the recruits do anything, which one would think would be the whole point, just pussy footed around and all but explicitly went “Not telling you what they’re powers are yet! Gonna be good!” Just a montage of a whole two girls being harassed by random men before Girl Nightcrawler coldcocks them before going into vase-related PTSD. Apparently they recruited random other people too, but they just got to sit on couches in the corner.

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