Tokyo ESP #07 — Senator Roberta Kelly

August 22nd, 2014


Should you really be that smug when you’re cheating like crazy?


The whole sequence of training events here seems totally backwards to me. It gets some scant points for being perhaps the first piece of Japanese media ever that seems to understand that “I know what you’re going to do” doesn’t mean “I am now invincible and have countered everything,” but it probably loses them for the psychometric girl being able to instantly become a master martial artist. Oh but it tires her. There’s also still the issue that the first fifteen minutes were mostly spent on training because… training… and Mr. Precog’s power was… well, this being Japanese media, again, there’s been so much worse, but especially with Assault on Akham fresh in my mind and that spending no time whatsoever on exposition for showing the specialized powers, fighting styles, etc and them all still coming across just fine, I’m not feeling very charitable.

The rest was how I kind of wish this whole bit with Mr Precog and his mother, Senator Kelly, started instead of the inorganic training and panda nonsense. They could have handled the little future skip things much better though. At the absolutely very least, the moronic ‘silly’ overreactions and stupid crap about him getting serious not because his mother or girlfried are about to be killed, but because his hair was insulted was… painfully stupid. His power is also perhaps the easiest thing in the world to hide or make an excuse for it being luck or intuition, so if they wanted a cliffhanger of him outing himself to his mother, they really needed to think up something a lot better than kicking an exposed water main to beat Electro. Oh, right. It’s Japanese media and everybody takes everything anybody says immediately at face value and nobody would ever dare lie ever unless it’s about their feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings.

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  • kagamihime says:

    Speaking of Assault on Arkham, do you plan on covering that? I’ve been hearing mixed things about it and mostly it boils down to it being over done in weird places.

  • kagamihime says:

    Nevermind, I’m blind apparently.

  • Sanjuro says:

    It’s small-man-in-a-panda-suit nonsense. Get it right.