Tokyo ESP #05 — Awkward Moments

August 8th, 2014


The longer you all blankly stare, the akwarder it gets.

Next Friday and on will be afternoon coverage of this show as with most of the other weekday stuff. Such is life.


I don’t think I like Mastermind very much. Not in the way you’re supposed to dislike an antagonist either. It was probably the droning awful expositionfest that kicked off the episode. Christ, man. Even Doom knows to show a little theatrics. A big fake puppet is all you brought? We get it Japan, you think puppets are creepy. So does everyone. And after 500 times, it’s gotten a little stale, be they anatomy dolls, unfinished puppets, dressed in Victorian clothes, whatever. Find something else. Plus, they already used flying a government building around in the flashforward at the start as the Big Thing For When The Ultimate Battle Climax, so now flying a gigantic tanker over the city seems like they’re trying to re-ring a bell that they haven’t actually technically rung yet. We already know pretty much everyone here is going to make it out of this to fight another day, so it’d probably behoove the story to aim a little bit lower so it can still build up to where it’s already been. 

I also question the efficacy of the Hellfire Club/Brotherhood of Evil Mutant’s master plan, because flying a tanker into the city seems generally counterproductive. Then again, compared to the utterly brain-dead stupidity that fill the shows trying to pretend like they’re intelligent this season, I probably shouldn’t complain about the mental stability of Magic Two-Face and his merry band of costumed misfits. The writing in general toward the end had a lot of squibby moments, even after the particularly silly bullying scene of all bloody things. Yeah, the arrow was an illusion and magic was keeping him from teleporting away, but it left more than enough time to roll the eyes and wonder if they were really being serious about that stuff, especially with the ridiculous laser beam censoring.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon says:

    I think i like it. Well they sure have some Action, but mostly these Bonds of Trust and Friendship is here the Engine that drive this Anime, well for me. And i begin to enjoy it. i like the Mix

  • anon says:

    Well, either she is a quick learner and she figure it out, that her Powers only affect non-human things, or she did know it from the start. That White Girl cannot affect human cells
    and then take off all armor plates

    But i think, she know it from the start. because the Professor know much of these two.. Mind reading perhaps?

    • anon says:

      What will happen, if White Girl aims for Ear decorative? :)
      or other piercing jewelery on someones body?

  • Sanjuro says:

    Why doesn’t he sell his imaginary food to fat people? He could rake in the money with his new diet, then buy his own country for ESPers. This show is very unrealistic.

    • FlameStrike says:

      He’d be stuck at one shop though, since he’d have to be there to maintain the imaginary food until it’s eaten. So he can’t create a big chain like McDonloads. Now if he had a hoard of mind bending ESPers like himself, he could set up all sorts of money making enterprises! I imagine an imaginary brothel would be especially popular… if u kno what I mean.