Blade Dance #06 — And Now, More Padding

August 18th, 2014


Reaching new levels of unambitious here.


The start of the episode was so goddamned boring, and Kamito wasn’t helping matters by channeling his inner parrot like you would not believe. It was already dull and padded enough without someone periodically repeating the last couple words of each sentence. It only got worse from there for a long while. When “cooking battle!” was the exciting lead-in to the commercial break, my heart sank a little more. Almost the entire thing was just trashy, awful, stupidness of the new girl rubbing herself against him to various boings and twangs while he made imbecilic noises and whined. Not funny. Not racy. Not bloody anything. Just nearly 18 straight minutes of nothingness.

The last couple minutes were… okay, but too little, far too late, and it was as disconnected from the rest of the episode as it could have gotten without involving an entirely different set of characters. Perhaps we should have been building up to this fight instead of cooking and taking showers, you morons. You clearly think it to be the Exciting Thing To Use As A Cliffhanger, so why was the entire rest of the episode focused on anything but it with characters doing the opposite of anything like it? Oh right. Cheap, lack of ambition, can’t be assed to spend time doing anything meaningful in the slightest, and lazy. How silly of me to forget.

Next Episode:

Insecure fire brat. Again.

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  • elior1 says:

    the last 10 minutes action was the only good thing in this episode