Aldnoah.Zero #08 — Enjoy, Ladies

August 23rd, 2014


What? Run out of Dr Wily robots of the week?


Apparently last week was too action packed so this week nothing happened. After a flashback to show them… starting the sky boat, and then a further flashback to remind us of the boytoy’s watery origin story, he spent the rest of the episode mostly naked and being whipped and mouth-raped with a pistol, which is sadly a hell of a lot more than anybody else did this week. Team Egg just kind of stood around admiring the scenery and blushing about being around a princess. Yeah, that’s the sum total of the impact of her reveal because she is just so pretty and special and wonderful and even though her supposed death is the whole reason the war started, conquering their planet, and killing tons of their friends and allies, she’s a princess, guys. There was a culling of the antagonists, I guess, but they all blend together and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you if it was someone who’s done anything important or been just some yes-man lieutenant. It’s not like any antagonist has really done anything either, so removal of some guy in a command center doesn’t do much.

The only maybe interesting thing this week was the juxtaposition of scenes of the princess dancing around and being all happy with her new boytoy who just shot the other one down, while Slaine was being tortured and retreating into flashbacks of his pretty, pretty princess. If the show was better written, one might assume that’s the first hint toward a heel turn against her and Eggboy to come when he finds out. Sadly, the show’s godawful writing has not earned the benefit of the doubt, so I think it’s more probable someone dropped the storyboards, put them back together mixed up, and then everyone just went with it. Even if he did, I’m sure her love for him would show him the light in the end and he’d break down weeping for her forgiveness, which would probably be even worse. 

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  • Haba says:

    I like it how no-one finds the undercover Martian assassin suspicious. Well, I guess if everyone is as weird as the protagonist, normal is a bit hard to define.

    While Aldnoah’s pacing leaves a lot to be desired, 13 episodes is way too short for any ambitious story to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. I wonder if at least Fate/Stay Night remake will have a full 26 episodes?

  • no way says:

    seeing this episode makes me nervous

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    but why?