Tokyo Ghoul #04 — I Hope You Like Naked Men

July 24th, 2014


I’ve had my fill for the week, thanks.


What an awful episode following on the tail of the abysmal one last week. Our protagonist continues to simply wander from point A to B at the behest of whoever the hell tells him to, and then do nothing but stare helplessly like he’s a damn vase while they just spew out whatever the random ass crap that’s on their mind is. Oh wait, sometimes he repeats it back. He’s not a vase, he’s all the way up to incontinent flightless parrot with the way he leaks bodily fluids. But I know that there are probably people somewhere breathlessly panting over the depth and specialness of the human x ghoul or chicken spitting up scenes that had goddamned nothing to do with anything… just pissing into the wind and calling it deeeeep on the tail of an episode that spent a chunk of time jerking off to a 5th grader’s deep thoughts on masks… which still has yet to be relevant in any way whatsoever. That is what really depresses me.

The entire first half of this episode was just inane filler, then a cheesecake shot of him naked in the shower, then he ‘fought’ a fat naked man on CGI floors (because christ, we can’t go anywhere without some damn CGI floors). And by ‘fought’ I mean mostly self-narrated to himself while the announcer further narrated it. Exciting. And honestly, how did this moron even survive up to this point? He just goes wherever anybody tells him to. Some fey older man clearly on drugs because he’s wearing a sweater that could induce psychotic episodes in mice told him to come have a good time? Well, okay. He seems trustworthy. Just like that guy who gave me candy from the back of his van when I was little. Are you trying to get raped? Because this is how you get raped.

Next Episode:

Getting progressively more annoyed.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    MC will grow balls in the last 5 minutes of the show. And lose hair pigmentation in the process. Go figure.

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    “Just like that guy who gave me candy from the back of his van when I was little.”
    Well, that explains quite a lot.

    Animation was neat though when he was dodging the guy’s attacks with his back to the entrance, so… could have been worse.

  • Gambi says:

    rather weird how the anime is mixing up all the stuff that happened in the manga and is going through everything way too fast … it realy doesnt make much sense and i guess that is way the anime seems so disconnected ..

    • Think it's ok? says:

      I agree that this seems disconnected, but I think it’s more because the dialogue isn’t paced very well. The content and rhythm of the conversations seem so rushed that they feel rather out of place.

      I personally like how they’re reordering the events of the manga a great deal as well as cutting out unnecessary filler details. They seem to be ordering it so MC’s control over his powers grows in a more “sensible” manner, so that the key scenes are more impactful. But maybe they’ll really fuck it up. I’m interested in seeing the next episodes.