Tokyo Ghoul #03 — Parade of the Dead

July 17th, 2014


He looks like a sex slave in his little costume.


I would have welcoming a trip to the technicolor dimension instead of yet another goddamned empty episode of nothing but character introductions with no structure or purpose. This season has been goddamned lousy with them. Yeah, it’s real cool you have all these characters. Why should I care? What have you given me that I couldn’t have gotten from 30 seconds on Wikipedia? Without providing that, it’s just another damn parade of random people and factoids, minus the floats and shriners.

You do not need to simply have them all walk up to the camera like trained mokneys and give various McNuggets of facts about themselves and their saliant beliefs or traits. That’s actually probably the least effective way to learn about them. Let the audience learn about them by how they act and what they do, not by announcing everything, let of all about the protagonist because he’s incapable of doing anything but sitting there looking anguished. Christ. This isn’t some corny JRPG. …Or is it? No. Probably not. Even Dragon Quest protagonists have more wherewithal than this schlimazel.

Why yes, nothing did happen this episode and that’s why I ranted about nothing. Someone better eat somebody next week.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    Was she eating a cockroach. Is that why is was blurred?

  • The Phantom says:

    And now for the ridiculous plot twist # 1245, all ghouls are niiiiiice and humans are eeeeeeevil, so yea fuck this show plot, just show more battles dammit.

  • Flip Porter says:

    I gotta hate the censorship here. It’s supposed to have an impact yet has absolutely none due to having to do censorship (not sure if this is mandated or volunatary).

    I almost quit watching in episode 2 when a head falls in the MC’s lap and all I see is black. Situationally I was able to guess what happened. But if they want the shock value I’d better see something I don’t want to see.