Tokyo Ghoul #02 — The Technicolor World of Censor Approval

July 10th, 2014


That must be what it’s like to be high on mothballs. Minus the slugs.

I flipped through Rail Wars quickly. They had to disarm a bomb (are you jealous of other countries terrorism or something, Japan?), but that was no excuse not to get flustered because a giiiiirrl was within five feet and they have boobs! It also took them five goddamned minutes after they found the bomb to disarm it. There wasn’t anything else going on. Nobody was trying to stop them. Just them in the room with a bomb and a dog, blushing because of teenage hormones for a quarter of the episode. I may have missed the finer details, but I got the gist.


It’s a tad unconvincing when they go straight from “I can’t eat cake, but I bet it’s awesome so life is sooooo sucky,” to “Eat that flesh, it tastes better than literally anything! or “You can never be a part of the human wooooorld!” to “By the way, here’s this guy I know who’s in the human world, mixing with humans, without anybody the wiser.” Even less so when the latter can’t go five minutes without a psychotic breakdown. I guess at that point, it’s only fitting that they then sprout technicolor slugs out of their backs and when the streams cross, they end up in the technicolor dimension. So the question to whether or not the direction has gotten any more sensical is a resounding no. Frankly, I think it was because he pierced that ugly sweater. But more logically, it was just a really bizarre censoring choice. I did like the color contrast in the scene after that, although perhaps the foreground shading and the background walls should be just a bit more differentiated. 

I guess I’d say it was probably a bit better than the first episode, or at the very least, the protagonist was less of an absolutely miserable dishrag. There was a little more purpose to it and actually fighting someone and/or struggling to not eat his (unconvincing) friend is certainly more interesting than sitting in the dark having fits over broadcast news. Our sad sack protagonist still needs to balls up though, badly. The Jedi would have a field day with him, what with the way he obeys goddamned every single thing that anybody says and it immediately takes effect on him.

Next Episode:

This didn’t fit at all.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • datchison18 says:

    Read a random mid chapter. Didn’t know what was going on, but he stopped crying about stuff, if that helped

  • Ronin8317 says:

    From the OP, it seems they’re going to animate up to chapter 79. The first two episode covered chapter 1-9, so the pacing is pretty good.

    The girl is not lamenting on “I can’t eat cake”. Rather, she wants to know what it taste like to a human since she is ‘forced’ to eat it many times. Most of the ghoul’s come across as jerks when they’re introduced, but you see them differently after learning their back stories, even the dude with the glasses.

    Next episode should introduce the loli. That should guarantee BluRay sales :-P

  • The Phantom says:

    MC is annoying but the bloody fights make up for it, my only complain is the goddamned technicolor censor. This shows gives me Blood-C vibes where the fights is the only thing that mattered, hopefully they will keep the bloody fight going.

  • algorithm says:

    It’s starting to smell like some rotten Mirai Nikki and Elfen Lied flavored pie. Without surprise the animation budget was mostly gone after episode 1 and looking how this one still somehow tried to hold itself together at times, my divination powers tell me this thing will look damn pathetic in a few weeks. Hopefully it stays hilariously retarded instead of boring retarded.

  • Wench says:

    I think your opinion on the MC will change, because seriously epic stuff happens later on!