July 31st, 2014


Comical drill stabbing really needs to be censored?


The Jump is growing. A lot. Although I had to laugh when he stood there slackjawed, mouth wide open, rock solid staring in utter shock of the horror unfolding before him for about five straight seconds… when someone opened a door he was reaching for. And then did it again a minute later when some other girl opened a door. This was then followed by it unironically going “Wow, she’s such a good friend eating food she knows is poison to her just so the feeeeeelings don’t go to waste” before the French clown started masturbating and then some hilarious “we spontaneously forgot how to draw” ‘animation’ with ridiculously moronic overexposition featuring such gems as “He’s trying to hit me,” and “I hit him” before just cutting away entirely. Then our former antagonist, having been defeated a while ago, gets to have a sob story splattered all over him like the French clown’s jism.

So the first half was hilariously awful. After that, it got bad. The point of this moronic set of events seems to be “ghouls can have non-ghoul friends,” continuing the nonstop parade of “Everything you’ve been angsting over about being a ghoul and how it makes you nothing like humans and a monster hated by everyone is wrong.” No idea why he’d give a rat’s ass about the guy who tried to kill him though. The show never bothered with that either. Likewise, it forgot to establish why we should care that the French clown grabbed some random girl he just met. It’s abusing the whole “Protagonist must go save everyone because protagonist!” thing way too hard for a character who is deathly afraid of open doors. For that matter, it needed to extrude a long flashback out of its ass just to establish why anybody should give a crap about her.

And then the show found out what it was lacking. What’s keeping them from winning? Skill? Preparation? Intelligence? Ruthlessness? Nope. It’s not having a high enough power level. God damn it, Japan.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    Oh. The bad guy that tried to kill our protag and his friend actually isn’t bad because he once had a sister.

    • Aroduc says:

      And he’s being beaten up.

      It’s different because it’s not the protagonist doing it.