Sengy Bassy #27 — The Real Killer is… Pneumonia!

July 12th, 2014


And it took the budget with it.


We’re already getting angstier and angstier, not to mention that it hardly feels like Basara at all when they’re focusing on the characters struggling with grunts with blood spraying about and then the battles between the big characters are either pose-offs or simply just apparently aren’t important enough to show. Oh no! Here’s Hondam! Look, my weapon bounced off him! Okay, I think everyone’s seen all they want to here. Now show some auras having a blob battle on a map. That’s what really gets people excited.

So bleh. This episode did look a little more like the old Basara as far as the art style went, but it’s going right back through the horrible minefield that sunk the second season with the action already quickly dwindling. But at least Date’s dreaming of Yukimura’s shimmering abs. I have no desire to go through that nonsense again. Stupid Saturdays.

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