Black Bullet #13 — Take That, Random Guy!

July 1st, 2014


Yeah! You’re the true villain! That dude! For using second rate wood screws!

The first half of Rail Wars got a pre-airing yesterday (real broadcast on the 3rd). If panning around CGI trains was a sport, this would certainly be a bronze medal contender. It didn’t even make it to the OP without a cyclonic gust of wind and female lead calling male lead a pervert. And then there was this. *sigh* Season kicks off tomorrow with half naked boys. As always nowadays, I’ll get to stuff after work when I can.


I guess it was a valiant effort to end it, but not good enough. The fight was the same as a couple episodes ago where everybody just did their one attack, and then it was self-sacrifice time yet again. That didn’t last long though, as it started spewing magic liquid that apparently destroys anti-bug juice which I’m pretty sure we’ve never seen before and it was time to pass the Jesus-baton to the Visor-Boy, making this the very first thing of note he’s done.

And then the second half decided to go off into la-la land. At least the lightning pace was sort of reminiscent of better times. We skip ahead to everything going back to normal (not unexpected) and Kisara cutting off her brother’s leg (and magically bisecting him!), declaring herself the ultimate evil in a world full of psychotic clowns and killed parasites, and wandering off. Her brother, who declares himself an evildoer no less and that nobody will ever stop him from getting everybody killed. You know what? Whatever. If Brynhildr’s ending was a swan dive into the sewage tank, this is a ride on the black water slip n’ slide. It’s really kind of a shame. This would have been a perfectly valid excuse long long ago to actually add some conflict and depth to their moronic little “Will they, won’t they” romantic BS, but tacked onto literaly the closing moments of the show? Give me a break.

Final Thoughts:

The show started decently enough, with protagonists immediately jumping into the fray and unhesitatingly fighting manic clowns and giant spiders, with only a few exceptionally awkward asides to overtures about having sex with little children and awkward expositional dump, but it couldn’t keep that up. The writing was never great, but the first arc at least moved quickly enough to overlook some of the nonsense and focus on what the characters were actually doing. After that though, the budget dried up, taking the action with it, and the story slowed to a crawl. Instead of doing anything, they spent most episodes simply going from point A to B to listen to long lectures, meeting with characters who at best existed only to die in death scenes almost as long as they had previous screen time, or angst about the horrible cruel world.

And speaking of that, as with dozens of other shows before, they get as far as saying “these things could be really evil and that’s why regular people hate and fear them” and then proceed to show them being nothing but the opposite. Hell, it began with an army of them staring unblinking at the city with eyes glowing demonically, so you’d think changing it from mere lipservice into something substantial be an easy task, but the parasite kids are instead reduced to sponges to wring angst out of. And wring them out over and over and over again, both to give Rentaro an anguished expression and to show him and pals as being the only good guys in the world. It honestly really could have worked, but not when it’s this bloody one-sided, especially when it came to that one antagonist who tried to destroy the entire city just because he got cockblocked at work.

Decent start, but lacked staying power, collapsing under the usual LN adaptation problem of floundering past the first arc. The writing was the biggest issue by far, but the chasm that the budget and action fell into didn’t do it any favors either.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    For some reason they sent the most incompetent team to take down the big monster so everyone else had to clear the way for them since, obviously, they couldn’t do it themselves. There was also that flying lanterns thing that served no purpose other than having that dumbass Rentarou give a speech reeking of tropes about how people work is all about black and white. Then the incompetent Rentarou tries to go down in a blaze of glory and fails miserably while the other dude no one cares about, who doesn’t have MC plot armor has to take the fall in his place. What came after was so awful that one bag wasn’t enough to hold all the vomit.

    This show started with rare praise from Aroduc so it’s no surprise that it ended up being one of the most awfully written pile of shit for edgy 14 years old around. Long live the lolis. Not long enough sadly.

    You might want to change that “Next Episode” with “Final Impressions”.

    • Aroduc says:

      Templates are made to be broken.

    • FlameStrike says:

      I’m a little confused, are you implying that when Aroduc finally finds a show worthy of praise, it ironically turns out to be shit? Or that because Aroduc bestowed his praise unto this show, it turned into shit, or that Aroduc has shit taste, so of course a show he praises would turn out to be shit?

  • The Phantom says:

    What? I loved this ending, action, murder, blood, loli, OK nevermind the loli part. In any case this rocked, the best ending of this season and one of the best shows of the season.

  • Fate says:

    I think that shows how bad this season was^^

  • FlameStrike says:

    Well, Black Bullet was enjoyable enough I suppose. I believe it’s main problem among it’s many problems was bad writing. I mean seriously, leaving all the characters that are specifically introduced to die and wring out angst, the writing contradicts itself blatantly.

    For example, Samurai Boss ranked 275 or whatever his name is acts like a fcking tyrant and dictator, sending Satomi to his death (supposedly, the actual fight was much less climatic). Then next episode Satomi becomes LEADER and acts exactly like he would, but his loli companion complains that Satomi’s tyrant actions are NOT what Samurai Boss would do.. lol. She was even there to see him act like an asshole. ALSO on that same episode we had Kisara going “OMFG SATOMI I WILL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR SIDE!!!!1111111111111” Then NEXT episode she turns into a Yomi-like yandere murderer who Satomi thinks “OMFG SHE MIGHT BE MY ENEMY SOMEDAY!!!!’ Like wut… didn’t she JUST do her Miyuki impression last week???

    *sigh* stuff like the above made me feel like this show was written by amnesiacs or pass around to different writers each week who didn’t know wtf happened on the last one.

    Still, overall it was an enjoyable show. The lolis were cute enough, the action was enough to keep me engaged, and I did like some of the characters. If only the world and plot were better written, this could have been really good instead of just kinda fun to watch.

  • Atmo says:

    The only good thing about Black Bullet is that its manga is illustrated by Morino Hon, whose Omoito series is a good way to enter into Touhou fandom.
    That said, Black Bullet is another pile of shounen for shounens.

    • Atmo says:

      And I forgot a thing: exploding lolis is a very bad thing. Even more when they aren’t relevant to anything at all.