Aldnoah.Zero #04 — “Hey, Remember That Dead Kid?”

July 26th, 2014


“Just wanted to remind you that someone totally died!”


There is so much grey area between angstily screaming one’s head off and being completely nerve stapled. And yet all they can do as they watch their city be obliterated in a single attack… a single attack that they put together on the spot, mind you, because I’m pretty sure their plans didn’t involve nuking their own superbot, all they can do is stare with the same glassy look on their faces. Hell, even a “There goes the neighborhood” quip would have been something. Horrible, but something. One also has to wonder why they’re even bothering with the robots if they can just nuke whatever they want from orbit. …And how Earth somehow never realized their neighbors had a billion missiles/rocks and superbots parked on the border.

But anyway besides that, the first half was the usual just pissing around. What are we doing? Sitting here in the hold talking impassively about how dreary things are. It took about fourteen minutes in before… the enemy introduced another supermech. Its super power seems to be “has a lightsaber” which somehow also makes it immune to automatic fire and exposives, and only got sillier as it went, for you see, an entire swarm of good guy soldiers are easily stopped with a swing of the sword, but Eggbot with a little SMG is truly worthy of his attention and standing in place in sheer fascination of his eggness so they can swing some crates at it. That’s right, we’re getting all ewok up in this bitch. Although having shipping crates set up like that seems like something OSHA would object to, but I mean, it’s not like a couple teenagers could set up something like that in the middle of a battlefield in a matter of about 60 seconds, right?  

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon says:

    So the White Knight of the Princess want to enter the Battle. Sure, i think he has a Plan. But i hope he realize that he need Support for the fight unit. And i dont think the Count will let him drive a Elite Mecha of them.

    Hope he do realize, that he need ammo backup and so on. Of this Aldonah Light has no need of resupply anything

    • anon says:

      and the Pilots in this Mars Mechas, they are just Human, too. Focus on that are ahead, and blind what happen in your back of the eyes.. Well, from above here in this spot

  • Sanjuro says:

    You just don’t get the brilliant writing. That blond guy that goes on about how much he hates Martians every single line he speaks, who will find out about the princess and create more drama is names Calm. But get this, he isn’t calm at all.
    Saying that, I do like the show. Bloody hate the music though.

    • FlameStrike says:

      For a second I thought Inaho’s name was Calm. If they wanted to go for descriptive names that is XD. I mean Asseylum hime looking for political asylum in Earth? Hahahaha

      Aside from the over use of time for stuff in the first half of the ep, I thought it was overall entertaining. I like seeing Inaho at least use tactics to overcome superior Martian Tech even if the logic isn’t fully their at times. It’s ALOOOOOOOOOOOOT better than Argevollen at least. They wasted an entire episode on pointless nothing… well make that 4 episodes, and the mecha fights aren’t even interesting. Seriously if a mecha show fails at everything else, they should at least have good mecha fights.

      Majestic Prince had a rather silly premise, silly story, silly antagonists, and silly characters. However they had DAMN GOOD mecha fights, so all of the above is forgiven to me.

  • Yue says:

    not just his eggness but we call him

  • The Phantom says:

    Compared to the the last mecha anime I saw (Gundam age) this is godlike, admittedly even Sailor Moon is better than that POS.

    Sure this is not on Dual! level, but is going good and is enjoyable which is something rare for a mecha anime. That alone makes it a mustwatch.

    Now if only the princess had died…

  • Haba says:

    Looking forward to the big twist on the protagonist. Maybe he’s a martian, heh.

    • Aroduc says:

      Maybe he’s a human.

      • Haba says:

        In the final episode someone asks him “what’s the deal with you anyway, you’ve shown not a shred of emotion even when all your friends died”

        Mr. Protagonist stares back with a blank face and replies “I just don’t give a shit”.