Brynhildr #13 — Standing With Your Arms Outstretched

June 29th, 2014


Declaring that you’ll protect someone.


What an unsurprising mess. The only thing the solar shade thing ended up doing was killing off Tits in a particularly drawn out and smokey death scene. And even if we assumed she was an important character that anybody should have cared about, they went ahead and ‘killed’ Pinky right after in another drawn out death scene. There was nothing in the first half but two main characters ‘dying,’ so it was screaming “GONNA RESET THIS” as loudly as it possibly could. Which makes it more confusing that it then only reset one of them. I guess they just didn’t like Tits enough.

The second half was basically a montage of people standing with their arms outstretched in front of each other, yelling that they’ll protect them, except for the one time one of them turned their back and stood in front of someone. He got shot for not conforming to the pack though, but still wasn’t badly injured enough by his dozen bullet wounds to not have his own little death scene either. Yada yada, pushes the plot convenience button, regains all her memories (which serves only the purpose of declaring I’ve regained my memories) and then has a power level-off knocking out her memories again to end this fiasco.


Final Thoughts:

The thing this show does best is air during the weekend on a day with little competition, and it’s quite effective at that. Otherwise, it’s a mess. While the story picks up somewhat, at the very end, the rest of the show plods along without agency or urgency, yet repeats the same “Oh no, here comes another super wi– Oh, she’s dead” schtick over and over again. They might have gotten away with it if every incident of that didn’t have all manner of fanfare around how extra dramatic it was while forgetting to actually be dramatic and instead having another bath or picnic, but that’d mean something might happen and we can’t have that.

The characters are shallow as puddles and suicidally stupid as well, not to mention just plain obnoxious. Ryouta especially serves no purpose at all but to look anguished constantly. The rest fair little better. It doesn’t even use its premise of “girls with powers” effectively, frequently either simply forgetting the rules it laid down (Kana’s predictions), or having them use their powers in only the most moronic of ways (Kotori tying herself to various things as the only way she can think to use a teleport offensively). Sadly, that’s more effort than the antagonists got with the first being “waves hand and you die,” the second being “shoots beams,” and the third being “waves hand and you die, and shoots beams.” I suppose the rather weak budget and effort put into the show probably had something to do with that too. It’s yet another show that sells itself on people having magic powers and then goes out of its way to use them as little as possible.

It’s a mess and not worth your time. I’ve spent enough of mine on it here.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fellow says:

    murakami straight up kicking Big Bad in the head outta nowhere was pretty hype though

  • gedata says:

    why did flattie come back?

  • Sanjuro says:

    Since when did that other girl’s memory one time message thing turn into an all-knowing super-ghost that he could converse with?

    I liked this at first, even knowing it was awful. Well not like exactly, more didn’t hate compared to the other shit I watched this season. Only these last few episodes made me dislike it. But everything after and including that flying kick made me despise it.

    Why did the evil super-witch spend 5 minutes vibrating them to death when it’s showed she can kill things instantly?

  • anise_punter says:

    I’ll give it credit for not actually just resetting and bringing everyone back.

  • The Phantom says:

    I liked the fact that named characters continued to die and even some secondary main characters like kotori.

    The witch that can heal everyone is a step in the wrong direction though I hated her or rather her power, too convenient and makes everything cheap.

    Then again was certainly entertaining, I liked it and will certainly miss it, considering the sea of shit that comes next season.

  • Longing says:

    Oh my lord… I have no words for how poorly they handled the ending. Not surprised that it was this much of a mess, mind you, just a lack of vocabulary for how horrible this episode was.

    Well, at least the series stayed terrible from beginning to end. Consistency is a positive aspect, I suppose.

  • elior1 says:

    today will be the preair of the grandmother of all magical girl shows sailor moon crystal in 7:00 pm in japan so we finally we will know what to expect from this

  • algorithm says:

    Boobs died for their sins. Which would be a shame if her voice wasn’t so damn annoying.