Brynhildr #12 — Now With More Pudding

June 22nd, 2014


Pudding with worms!


This is as good as the show’s going to get, isn’t it? A bunch of girls screaming his name, and then patiently waiting for him to finish listening to his imaginary other girlfriend finish a minute long exposition dump while the antagonists also patiently wait for everything to finish. I mean, just because you just killed someone, that doesn’t mean you need to be rude. You could really tell how upset Neko was too by the way she continued to attack the floor ineffectually. And of course after his goddamned five minute death scene, he doesn’t remain dead for more than about two minutes before the new girl turns herself into a steaming pile of pudding to bring him back to life, because apparently that’s something she can do. And then they just leave her sitting there in a steaming pile for the rest of the episode that the camera kept focusing on until it started growing maggots. Of course, she was also talking as pudding, so apparently lack of body integrity isn’t the obstacle it once was.

At least the antagonist male was surprisingly competent, punching people and picking off magic users with the unbeatable power of Gun-Haver with nary a comment. That didn’t stick when it came time for his own long flashback and expositional spew, but it was a fleeting glimpse of someone who wasn’t a blithering imbecile in the word of botched lobotomy patients. Yada yada, don’t give up speech, “we’re the super great teens who can do anything,” hastily switch gears to try to put together some kind of conclusion next week. I’d complain about that, but it’s the first time they’ve clearly been going toward anything at all in months. Then again, it’s turning the moronic titbeast of the group into some kind of giant magical laser umbrella, so points only for effort, not for execution.

Next Episode:

Exciting conversations with dead people.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fate says:

    I am amazed they covered as many chapters as they did. They are going to end up covering like 100 chapters in 13 episodes.

    • Aroduc says:

      I think then that speaks more to how ponderous the source is than how ‘fast’ this is going.

  • Sanjuro says:

    This has always rode the thin line between entertaining shlock and garbage but it’s steadily declined the last few episodes. How bad can the final episode really be?

    Best moment of this episode was when that girl was slowly morphing into a slug wearing a wig as the other girls performed mouth to mouth on the guy they can’t live without.

  • The Phantom says:

    I was thinking that Valkyrie was actually the childhood friend twist was incoming, I missed the mark it seems.

    I’m disappointed this is nothing like Elfen lied, I even think they will magically bypass the 1 week limit by whichever method and even save both Kotori and Hatsuna (which seems alive anyway).

    This shows need more dead witches. Badly.

  • gedata says:

    Isn’t it funny how Kana’s forecast didn’t reveal how Valkyria would show up, Murakami’s and New Girl’s deaths, or how Kotori would be kidnapped. Goddamnit Kana, you had one job!

  • Longing says:

    I feel like the phrase “because apparently that’s something she can do” can be applied to far too many situations in this show.