Black Bullet #10 — The Plodding Dirge of Jamicide

June 10th, 2014


There was hardly even any jam.


Angst on angst on angst on angst. Meanwhile, all the protagonists really do is glower. And I guess get covered in 10 year olds with especially freakish laughing animation, but they’re all dead again so I guess we don’t have to fear that ever again. Wasn’t even jarring either. Happened off screen with a big jamless crater and then just some sheets on the ground. If someone had knifed or shot the little blind angst-machine right in front of him with a convenient jam splatter across his face, that would have had more of an impact and been more personal than off-screen craterings and still made me wonder what the hell the point was. Like with Brynhildr, let something go right (or at least seem to) before yanking on the chain. You can’t just keep heaping it on. And no, some bad comic relief does not even come close to counting.

It could have also easily been a lot more stomachable if the protagonists had actually done anything in the last like, three weeks. All they’ve done lately is walk back and forth, comment on how horrible things are, and glower. This isn’t “bad things happening to people who are fighting back against it and trying to overcome bad stuff,” the core difference between this and Mushi-Uta which I really liked, they’re just standing motionlessly under the blackwater pipe, commenting on how much it sucks that crap is raining down on their heads. Perhaps if you want us to listen, you need to stop clockwatching and get out from under the flow.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    In the preview, was that the ghost of clown guy… who probably won’t even appear next week because everything is a lie?

    Never seen Mushi-Uta. Relatively recent? Watchable? Not ecchi? (Not a fan of ecchi), but “which I liked” is pretty strong praise from you, good sir.

    • Aroduc says:

      Mushi Uta’s headed by a very strong cast and writing. They did a great job in particular in balancing the main factions as a conflict of two valid ideologies instead of one (or both) being comically evil, stupid, or ignorant. That was saved for the bugs, which were just a plot-spurring macguffin.

      Looking back at my write-up, I’m a little… overdramatic… shall we say, but I’d still definitely recommend it. Just be aware that the opera masks at the start are a little… stupid.

  • algorithm says:

    Apparently in the LN they get beaten, burned and hung by an angry mob. Not sure about the order though.

    • Silver says:

      Yeah I heard that from someone too. Apparently they made it more personal and make you know these characters more before killing them off that way. The anime went the easy way. Either way, I still feel like destroying something.

  • The Phantom says:

    Seems like every girl here is either a walking bomb (every loli) or just suicidal (black haired swordie).

    I don’t see an happy ending for this, admittedly I will love a ending where either loli would go gastrea, or black haired girl (the none raising the most death flags) would end up dead.

  • Anonymous says:

    “they’re just standing motionlessly under the blackwater pipe, commenting on how much it sucks that crap is raining down on their heads. Perhaps if you want us to listen, you need to stop clockwatching and get out from under the flow.”
    I know exactly what you mean. I often wonder what the hell is preventing them from doing just that, japanese sensibility? elfen lied too forced the angst but there lucy did stuff to fight back most of the time.