Good Job Club OVA — Those Americans Are Crazy

May 5th, 2014


Like looking in a mirror.

I’m skipping the “VNs I mostly don’t like but played for 2-3 hours” routine for this week to do a couple OVAs instead. It’s… well, faster.


On the upside, while my memory of the original series is hazy at best, I certainly remember certain jokes that were driven into the ground which didn’t make their reappearance here. But then again, without the fetishized hair brushing or faux manly protagonist, how are they supposed to appeal to the fans? To which the two obvious comebacks are: “With Megumi in a titty shirt,” and “What fans?” But even setting that aside, anybody who was hoping to see any of the cast do anything, even just their standard tired catchphrase or catchbehavior besides Tama and Mao will be disappointed.

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, this badly needed to be half the length. It maintained the multi-part structure that most (all?) of the regular episodes had, but since this was 43 minutes long, everything just got stretched to hell. It wasn’t really any worse than the episodes, but it still showed none of the visual charm and energy as the first episodes did, and they had nowhere near enough content. Good lord, twenty minutes on New York/America alone when the only real ‘jokes’ are dressing up as stereotypes from random eras, “hamburgers!” and putting the boytoy in a ‘sexy’ cat costume. That last one isn’t even American.  

And then for the remaining half, they just threw away any attempts at all to be funny and tried to get emotional (again) and not to abuse the word, but especially annoyingly shippy. For the entire bloody remaining twenty two minutes. They already had a maudlin episode to end the show once. I have no idea why they’d want to do it again, but with more bitchy insecure angst, flashbacks, and sadly hugging knees. Did someone at the end of it send a letter saying “This was good, but it needs to have more New York and melodrama?” I don’t even know why you do the things you do anymore, Dogakobo.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Pink Blob was the only one I didn’t actively loathe.

  • shark0week0 says:

    I felt it was trying to provide an end to what was already ended, while simultaneously trying to inject life into a pretty much dead franchise. Conflicting interests. Such is anime, I guess.