Black Bullet #08 — Chainsaw Knuckles

May 27th, 2014


We don’t need all obligatory uncomfortable innuendo and jokes, you know.


Shockingly, a setup episode, although it was more concerned with reviving all those unwelcome sexual overtures between Rentaro and his fetishized harem of underaged insectchildren. Hell, before the OP played, they showed bugs infringing on a base, and the central push of this coming arc is apparently going to be… bugs infringing on the city. Of course, ‘hilarious’ misunderstandings too. And then they went out on a daaaaate. With a montaaaaage. And tried on dreeeeeesses! So no, the first 14 minutes were not what one would call well-spent.

After that, it became a series of introductions to new characters. As with many things, the self-blinding singing girl fell really flat. That’s the kind of thing you really need to see the self-mutilation for it to have an effect. Also, we already had cops shooting one in the head, so… The other two characters were more interesting and it was obvious they were monopolizing the little budget this episode had.  They had chainsaw brass knuckles for one. And were possibly one half bisexual. And we avoided spending paragraphs explaining their abilities. Still nowhere near enough to salvage the episode though.

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  • Anon says:

    These Guys

    when they notice the Gastrea invasion in their District, then the turn to child lovers. Or like in Log Horizon these NPCs, the Child’s should do their Duty. But they still Hate them

  • Anon says:

    Well, i would be pissed, too. If they go into a Hall, and destroy it just for a “practice fight”… :)

  • Quick comment, this is actually episode 8, not 9. But good review regardless.