Black Bullet #05 — Coffee Achiever

May 6th, 2014


As usual, characters having a hard time staying awake through an episode, not a good idea.

When I ate dinner last night, there was only one OVA/irregular relase thingy sitting there neglected, and it was western (albeit full of a million trillion ninjas). When I left for work this morning (after dealing with New York Club last night), there were two. When I got home, it was up to three. And that’s not even counting the ones I’m not going to watch/cover. I see you squatting over there like a toad, Fourteen Sick – The Recap Movie: The Quest For Milking More Cash. I’m losing control of this week. Curse you, Golden Week! I’m probably just going to space them out to one a day for sanity reasons.


Dull episode more concerned with splatting a veritable plethora of characters across the screen but doing very little with them. That’s a sentence I feel like I’ve said a few too many times lately. Oh I’m sure probably half of them will turn out to be behind something in some week to come, but they did absolutely nothing to tie any of it together this week combined with Renty basically just standing around, then taking a job where he… stands around some more and waits for someone to do something interesting.

The closest to anything interesting I guess were the two new antagonists, the insomniac  parasite girl antagonist who hasn’t quite learned the art of infiltration and destroys entire cars as collateral damage, and literally some random guy trying to wave his dick around at a cyborg. But since that’s the sum and total of their contributions to the episode. Didn’t even get to enjoy the apparent mauling of the cop because apparently the animation budget finally ran out and everything had to happen off screen. I guess Tubs probably counts as an antagonist too, but he’s even more boring than them. They should probably also think about involving the other girlfriends in things at some point if they’re going to be going on week in and week out about how great they are.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    I feel like wiping my ass with this episode. That’s pretty much the only thing it could be good for.

  • Ronin8317 says:

    The pacing is a lot better with the new story arc, and you can see the ‘good guy’ shell slowly being stripped away from Rentaro, revealing the merciless killer underneath. By the end of the series, the only difference between Rentaro and ‘guy with the mask’ is that Rentaro is a lolikon.